#18for30: Come on and ring those bells, everybody say, “Jesus, we remember it’s Your birthday!”

This week found me scratching not one but two off of the #30for30. I took the reigns bell from a sweet lady at the Dayton Farmers Market at approx 3:58 and proceeded to valiantly defend my post until 6 pm.

I learned several things:

  • My sisters are petrified of my ideas. I don’t know why (conversation between Em and I- her texts are blue)


  • It is impossible to keep perfect time with one of those el cheapo Salvation Army Bells but I tried. Em did a better job than I did
  • Time goes rapidly when friends come and hang out- bless y’all who stopped by and Rachel especially for being the inspiration behind this project!


  • It is more blessed to give than to receive. But the receiving part is fun 🙂 Another part of my project ( #19for30) was a random “Pay it Forward” So we gave out gift certificates to the soft pretzel shop inside the front door to random donors (seriously, you haven’t really lived until you’ve tried a pretzel from the Kaffee Klatsch)  30 pretzels because 30 is the perfect number right now.img_8668

and like Scripture tells us, if you “cast your bread upon the waters, it will return”. I had 3 offers for a free hot drink. Lucky me 🙂


and a free pair of antlers. Thanks. I guess. lol. Emily was so excited at the compliments I got from her gift- until I called to her attention that it was all ladies who I’m confident are part of the Red Hat Society… Next time Em, lets just stick with a gift of a coffee. That’s a little bit more down my aisle 🙂


Regardless- I had a blast.

I am so challenged to give this year. Give time. Give encouragement. Give a smile. Give charity. Give understanding. Give. Give. Give.

Give-because we are called to be the Hands and Feet of the Greatest Gift.

“Come on and ring those bells, Everybody say- ‘Jesus, we remember it’s your birthday’!”

And through giving may we indeed find a blessing.

Merry Christmas,


P.S come see me next year, same season, same place and MAYBE you’ll be a lucky donor 😉




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