And Find Rest

I said, “Oh, that I had the wings of a dove! I would fly away and be at rest.” Ps 55:6

Somehow this verse keeps running through my head today. All the Christmas splendor in the Valley has had me rushing to and fro, and admittedly I love it. But there are disadvantages to this ultra busy season.

And suddenly I came screeching into a deadline and was carried away on great steel wings to a land far from the beautiful Valley. Nicaragua.

Am I finding Rest? Maybe… or at least lots of potential for it. We went hammock shopping and went from house to house where the weavers took us into their living quarters and showed us their wares.

This little gal and her tv watching parrot amused me 😉

We also found the opposite of rest-a marvel of creation.  We drove up onto the Volcano Masaya and gazed down into the fiery throat of the crater and watched the lava churn red hot below… all the warning signs that told of the danger of a possible eruption didn’t really bother me, and I was ok with signing a paper that said I would not sue if I got killed up there. I didn’t even mind the fact that the gas was bad enough that we were only allowed a 5-10 min visit. But I’ll admit to feeling a little uneasy when we got to the parking lot and Deb backed into the parking spot ” you have to back in, that way you can take off real fast if it erupts.” What?! Regardless what an experience! and even better news-we all survived. ☺️

We also visited a really neat market inside an old Fort. Depending on who you ask shopping is relaxing/restful. Others would vote with the opposite of restful. No matter where it classes-I found some really exciting things 😉

Today was truly a restful day here in Deborah’s home. I enjoyed the hammock and the balmy 90 degrees. I finally met her cat obsession named Moroncito. Silly fellow.

And we all watched in amazement today- as God answered a prayer from exactly a year ago…

A year ago when we were here-the girls were not feeling comfortable with the guys and the bike shop that was in the middle of the street in front of their house. (following pic is from Dec ’15)

The men watched the girls like a hawk, leered and whistled way to often, plus knew way to much about the robbery of Deb’s red bike. We prayed fervently that God would continue to place a hedge about them.

And while I still pray daily for protection about my little sis, I forgot about the stalker bike shop guys. This morning, I noticed they weren’t out front “for maybe a month” the girls said.

Then, as we sat down for lunch, we heard a disturbance in the street below. We stood there aghast as Edwin and his gang tore down the bike shop before our eyes. One year later-right on time


And this truly does bring me rest. God- who listens to our petitions, remembers, and answers, even when we’ve forgotten that we’ve asked.


Praise Him!



2 thoughts on “And Find Rest

  1. Oh Kendra that’s so sweet you get to spend christmas with your sis … What an encouragement you are to people God has blessed you with a special talent and being single allows you to pass that on to others, you always have such a bubbly smile keep shining for Jesus wishing you a blessed new year…

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