Walk With Me and Be My Friend

Today I walk with for you.

This is not the first time we've walked together. I really don't know when our paths first crossed-you've been a neighbor and friend as far back as I can remember. Only a phone call away- we could whip up a reason to get together in no time.

img_9166The occasion didn't have to be momentous, a simple walk would suffice. Laughter and childish banter would echo off of Paradise Mountain, as we fearlessly commandeered our siblings into all sorts of adventures. The possibilities were endless- we had the entire mountain to explore, countless hills for sledding, your pond, our swimming pool, and a well worn trail in between.



Years marched by rapidly and saw us taking on responsibility, as our families joined forces in the dairy world. The walks were more work-oriented these days, but we still enjoyed the journey: pizza settling up parties, your mom's traditional snow day doughnuts, soft pretzels by the dozens…


And still time moved along. We walked a few valleys together and enjoyed some exhilarating mountaintop sunsets… and our walks (although not as frequent) are more meaningful as we enjoy the sweet communion of life long friends.



Today will be different, because instead of walking side by side, I will walk ahead of you; and I will stand and watch you with a lump in my throat and (even tho I'll fight it) a tear in my eye… God, in His Sovereignty, writes the most beautiful chapters of our stories.

We know that after today,ur journey will take us to hike areas outside of our beloved Eden Valley. But I am confident that one thing will remain-it will still be the same two brown-eyed girls, enamored by the gift of friendship, supporting each other all the way.


Don't walk in front of me-I may not follow,

Don't walk behind me-I may not lead,

Just walk beside me and be my friend.

Wishing you and Daniel all the best! Congrats!

Luv you,


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