Mission Trip to Nicaragua 2017

I remember the conversation just like it was yesterday. It came on the heels of Deborah’s announcement that she was called- and accepted- at Leon, Nicaragua for 2 years. And Kendra, full of good intentions made a promise:

“I know how everybody says they are coming to visit while you are gone,but then life happens, and schedules stay full, and the opportunity never presents itself. I will bring a group down.”

We batted it back in forth for a long time, and finally with less than 4 weeks until D-Day (Deb’s departure, way to wait until the 11.5 hour, KH) our group arrived on the wings of a snow white dove. [our flight got cancelled because of last week’s snow storm. Shout out to Golden Rule travel who not only got us wonderfully priced tickets, but worked tirelessly getting the new tickets secured]

We had a wonderful time. As I sort back through my 1000+ pics- it’s hard to know what all to include. So anyhow- here are a few of my favorites. I’m missing some of the major highlights, but if you want to know more- just ask the nearest member of our gang πŸ˜‰

To Team Nica- Bless you for everything- for putting up with a rookie group leader, for willingly and enthusiastically embracing whatever was put in front of you. I loved everybody exclaiming over everything.

And to the Olive Branch Team- thank you does seem inadequate- thank you thank you thank you for everything you did to make this a one of a kind experience.

Nicaragua is a truly beautiful part of God’s creation.

Praising God who arranges life so that even my smallest dreams become reality,


Bonus Pics:



The guys put a roof over a kitchen in this neighborhood. This family has a daughter who is deaf, blind, and mute. She cries when nobody is touching her. Heartbreaking



At the other site, they built a new house for Maria. When they took the metal off, the entire structure collapsed. Here they are moving the bed back in before they finish the last wall.


Maria explaining to Deb how God answered her prayer that morn- She was thinking how nice it would be for Deb to see her new house- and soon here came Deborah and company. πŸ™‚


We gave out Baby Bundles in the local free hospital. There were 4 or 5 new mothers per room. It was so much fun to hand deliver a bundle and exclaiming over the new arrival. Precious little people.


And we shopped a bit πŸ˜‰


And we embraced the culture in various ways πŸ˜‰



Children’s Church is always a highlight. Different ones of the group brought crafts and it was all hands on deck until the  evening was over πŸ™‚ There were a few hectic moments- but we made it. We also taught the song “Bind us Together ” with the motions. For those of us whose Spanish is less than fluent, it was a stretch- but they seemed to understand what we were singing. A video of that is here  The language barrier is never ending and so frustrating- but I love that God is not limited by language. We as Christians are one body, under one God, and that is why we sing πŸ™‚



Ah the Pacific πŸ™‚


We had the option of Red fish for supper. We stopped by the restaurant before sunset to warn them that our huge group was arriving and they took us back to a cooler to look at the catch and make sure it was ok. It wasn’t just ok. It was the most delicious fish ever. I wonder if leaving the head on and eyeballs in made it better-lol


And on the way home- we stopped and Deborah pointed out the Southern Cross. This constellation is only visible in the Southern Hemisphere. It was a gorgeous night and the stars were bright and it was awesome. It’s also #21 on the #30for30




Another highlight was the several hour trip to Esteli to visit Sarah and Delmar. Sarah led us up the mountain to an overlook. It was so much fun to see them again! Blessings to y’all as you are faithful where you are called!






See the little white boards on the trail on the side of the volcano? Those guys are with us πŸ™‚



Volcano Boarders, also with us πŸ˜‰


Nica culture from Deb’s window. This picture reminds me of a form of a “where’s Waldo” picture



Our early morning alarm clock every day… “Who let the dog out?”




And just like that, the week was over and it was time to sail off towards the next adventure. And  so, with a full heart, I do just that. Thank you Jesus, for allowing us this privilege.

And bless all the home folks who covered for us in our absence. Maybe next time will be your turn πŸ™‚





2 thoughts on “Mission Trip to Nicaragua 2017

  1. One thing i love about reading your blog is you go places i’ll never get to. Love the ox outside pizza hut! And the ox cart pic,not something we meet on the road here!:)

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