Central American Adventure: Encouraged in El Salvador

We caught an express coach early in the morning and soon we had successfully exited Nicaragua and were making our way through all of Honduras’s road construction and stop and go traffic.

Maybe I should introduce us: Here we are cutting fresh mangoes at our destination. From left to right- Deborah was our translator, I kinda planned the trip, and our cousin Mervin (or Boogs) was our body guard and luggage boy.  What a time.


This is pretty much our view of Honduras:



It wasn’t more than a few hours, until we were safely in the Capital City San Salvador, El Salvador, and had made our connections with the director of the Deaf School we were visiting.

Two facts about El Salvador that I didn’t know: Their exchange rate is the same as the U.S. They were taken over by communist 7 years ago.


The school was fascinating. They have 9 completely deaf students who are also mute. We were privileged to  join them for morning devotions and for the Bible study at the end of the school day.


I watched them sing, none of them making a noise.  Their hands fluttering through the air in perfect harmony- worshiping the One who understands, I was just totally impressed again with how incredible it is that our God knows no language barriers. That He can understand perfectly what we are trying so say- even when our lips don’t make a sound. He listens to our hearts. This means a lot to me.



One of our group thought is was important to sneak a dog into devotions. 😉


The school director’s sons playing marbles.


We caught this true “mini van” into town for the famous El Salvadorean Pupusa’s



Thoroughly enjoyed meeting Miss Bethany and her friend Beatrix. And the energetic pup who managed to be basically all places at all times.


Today I’m rejoicing that God understands my heart.


P.S Next stop: Guatemala


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