Available for Adoption ASAP

“Every Rose has its thorns…”

Hi- it’s Detroit the Farm Manager and you know how they always say that every cloud has a silver lining? Well, did you know that every silver lining has a cloud?


It was supposed to be our brightest, happiest hour-one that we’d waited on for two years, but it turned into one of devastated rejection. My heart is torn to shreds and I will never recover.

Rolo- my somewhat blonde assistant is the one who discovered it. She came slinking in while I was trying to sleep, and managed to wake me out of one of the most delicious dreams. In my subconscious, pre-coffee state it made it’s way through my fuzzy brain that she kept repeating something in Spanish (she thinks since her Owner is bilingual-she is too) “Chaba somthing”

I rolled over and punched her in the ribs “would you pipe down ?”

She repeated it again “Chabalo… Si Senor, but when Chabalo is King what are you going to do?”

I snorted “what do you mean when somebody else is King?”

She was rapidly heading for the sleep zone, but she managed “When the new pup takes over as farm manager.”

I sat bolt upright in bed. “New pup?!? Who? What? When?”

Rolo just snored- so I finally resorted to the old trick we call “bark-in-the-ear” and I managed to wake her up enough that she squeaked out a full report. And so here it is:

Miss Deborah is finally home. Finally, I say because she’s been gone for basically forever. The best way that we’ve found to make sure that she’s home is by peering into the windows, day and night. The picnic table is lined up with the kitchen window perfectly, and that’s the best vantage point. But anyhow. So Rolo was keeping watch over the place by night, when the door opened and in walked Her Majesty- Miss Deb and that Kennell fellow. Deb was beaming from ear to ear and exclaiming about Mother’s Day,and how she had a “little surprise” for the most wonderful lady- the Mother of the place. Joyce stood there not sure what to expect when Deb pulled out the most worthless piece of dogflesh you’ve ever seen.


Well, ok, so he’s cute and all, and actually really intelligent, but still.

The moment passed rapidly when Joyce was in the “don’t know what to say” stage. And she apparently made up for lost time with “what in the world?!” and “too many dogs already” (what does that mean, and how is it possible?) and “Eldon, come quick” and “Deborah, you can’t be serious..”

Meanwhile the boyfriend- grinning sheepishly- watched the circus, Miss Deborah explained  that a very generous man had gifted her with “Chabalo” (which means little boy in Spanish) as a welcome home gesture. And the Lady of Reason explained as enthusiastically that really we could.not. use another dog around here. (Good point, I might add)

The Father also got involved, but after a quick interview with Miss Deb, determined that it was all a joke- to get a reaction out of the Dear Precious Mother. “And she reacted perfectly in every way.”

I didn’t think much of the joke myself. I mean, adopting a new dog is serious business. The entire future of our farm lies in those tiny paws.


But anyhow, so Chabalo is back in Mt Crawford with his Collie Mother, and I  am still head of Ranch Security, but let this be a lesson to you- Miss Horst. The long arm of the law is watching you, and if you try to upstage us any more- you may find a picture of yourself on the “free to a good home” page.

The Farm Manager has spoken.

And that, my friends, is a true story.


Detroit Snappenbarker Mendoza

Bonus Pic:

My soybeans are really close to an emergency swimming lesson…


Springtime beauty 🙂






2 thoughts on “Available for Adoption ASAP

  1. LOL! I wondered how that went over when I heard Debra gave Joyce a pup for Mother’s Day. We are really enjoying our pup, but it is our only dog. Marj brought her children down and they all loved it.

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