The Voyage Begins

Bright and early Monday morning found virtuous mothers all over the Valley rolling out of bed and shedding a tear or two as they assisted their daughters in loading luggage into Farren the Ford… and we were off.

First stop was in Kentucky at the Ark Encounter. We were so impressed by the size of the structure. The amount of research that went into the exhibit is unfathomable. The age old story of a man and his 3 sons working for 100 years-by faith-to preserve life during the great flood came alive in a new way. 

I loved how they brought the parallel between the ark providing life for Noah, his family, and the animals to Christ’s death providing eternal life for all of us who make the choice to enter thru the Door. 

One of Noah’s sons working in the wood shop… notice the dove carving to the right of the pic

But what struck me the hardest was the world map with little red dots representing places where the population was less than 2% Christian. Africa had lots of red. India- solid red. This didn’t surprise me. But then I looked at North America-and saw WAY too much dots. Even in Northern Virginia. And the Truth is so easily accessible. 

“Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

So with more awareness of the need to present Christ to our neighbors-we headed on.

Next stop:

Gateway Arch- because of major construction at the bottom of the Arch- I had trouble finding parking, so Deb acted as tour guide, while I stayed with the van. I love her pic from the bird’s eye view. 🙂

Another highlight: 

The Steamboat Arabia Musuem amazes me. In 1856 the heavily loaded steamer sank on the Missouri River.

In the late 1980s, a father and his 2 sons discovered her location. The river had sealed the vessel with silt, and had changed its course leaving the treasure buried in a corn field. 

So there is a complete general store on display. And 28 years later, they still have 60 tons of merchandise to clean and restore!

Be sure and notice the buttons in the front of the clothing section there-the Arabia had 3 million buttons on board when she sank-and they had cleaned all of them! 

Another fun fact: there were pickles, oysters, sardines, fruit preserves, butter, champagne, etc found on board and they tasted everything. 150 year old butter-I’m sure that was delicious 🙈

P.S this story has Deborah so inspired, she’s ready to excavate in cornfields along Dry River-so if any of you have land to donate-I’m sure she’d be willing to split the profits with you 😝

By our second night-we made it to Buhler, where we stayed in the Grand Staff Bed and Breakfast and thoroughly enjoyed our hostess. The next day found us exploring the town and imagining what it was like to drive your horse and wagon to town in the late 1800s. Even Farren got caught up in the spirit of our imaginings and parked at the last hitching rack in town. Enjoy this Farren Foto:

So we have a great start on our adventure. And even though we are over halfway, we are by no means halfway done:)

Following Noah’s example, we have began our voyage, as we hope to end it. And may it be said of me “and by faith Kendra…”

See you down the trail,


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