O our God! We thank You and praise Your glorious name! 1 Chronicles 29:13

The last few days has found us flying along drinking in one incredible experience after another.

We’ve had a few disappointments: we ate lunch at Tehachapi. Tehachapi is one of the 7 wonders of the railroad world. It’s a place in the mountains where the tracks run in a circle and the train crosses over its self. We sat in the 88* sunshine for 2 hours and saw not one of the “36 trains daily” that had been promised. 

It felt good to be out of the van for a little. But somehow the desolate tracks didn’t quite fulfill the desire to see Tehachapi. 

Look closely-can you see Farren?

And then, somehow our trusty phone gps took us to the Sequoia National Forest instead of the National Park. And due to some communication errors, it was several miles of twisting beside a very full reservoir before the mistake was realized. It took a little bit to regain my sense of adventure after I realized my mistake. 

But soon we arrived at Sequoia in the gorgeous evening light, plus a breathtaking sunset minus the millions of tourists. Win Win. The girls hiked Moro Rock and Deb got some beautiful pictures.

The air cooled off to 57* and we drove with the windows down. The passengers in the back snuggled under blankets and I had a pretty good idea how cold they were when they started singing Christmas carols. I felt like I was alive again-we were at less than half the degrees from the day before.

As I watched the last light fade out of the sky, my heart was full of Praise to the One who makes all things good. Who takes even our disappointing days and turns them into something gorgeous.

Those feelings followed me through Yosemite, Golden Gate Bridge, the Redwoods and clear out of California.

Bridal Veil Falls and the mist

Another Farren Foto ☺️

My soul cries out in awesome wonder, viewing countless stars- only God can number: how many million miles, up to the nearest star. I feel so very small, how can I see so far?

Almighty God, How great thou art! You have no ending, You have no start! I know by faith You’re real, for Your love I daily feel, Almighty God-I believe in You!

See you down the trail,



Bonus pics: Is it a mean trick to make somebody hold a pose until a wave washes in and gets them? 🤔 Perhaps. But the photo footage is priceless 🙈

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