Wow, Wonderful NorthWest

To our friends scattered to and fro who are faithfully watching our progress across this beautiful land:

I’m sorry to continuously send glamor reports, but it can not be helped. Oregon did not disappoint in anyway shape or form.

The rocky coast almost took our breath away. Partly because it was 60* with a brisk wind. And mostly because it was gorgeous.

We took the scenic route full of produce fields, berry patches, and fruit trees. 

Then the view changed to untamed wilderness with lots of evergreens and clear rushing rivers, lots of wild flowers, and on one stretch we counted no less than 3 different bald eagle sightings. Seriously-how can you describe such beauty? We have a complete new level of respect for John’s account of Heaven in Revelation. There are times when words fail. As beautiful as this world is-what must Heaven be like?

Crater Lake was so blue. Bluer than I’d remembered-but maybe I don’t remember too well. They were still dealing with the remains of 48 feet of snow, so we didn’t get to hike to the waters edge.

We made friends with a Harley gang and ended up running with them through the park. Farren sure wished she sounded as good as them. 🙈 but I promise-no leather or skull caps for our equation of the gang.

We stopped by Multnomah Falls on our way past; such a unique falls along the beautiful Columbia River Gorge.

Recognize the lovely ladies waving from the bridge?

We rolled thru eastern Washington with the pedal to the metal. Notice how the front of the picture tells tales of us tearing along-pretty sure Deb was driving at the time of this picture.

We rolled into Bonners Ferry, Idaho at eventide and it was every bit as much of an oasis as I’d remembered. And then some. We stayed with friends, and watched the sunset and the elk move into the field beside the house. The more experienced ear could hear them bugle. I imagined I could-but I’m not sure I did. 

The gracious locals added to a capital experience.

And then, with a wistful glance in the rear view mirror, we set our focus towards the northland and head on- praising God for creating beauty too wonderful to describe. 

See you down the trail,


Bonus Pic:

Farren Foto ☺️ yay for Oregon coffee shops!

3 thoughts on “Wow, Wonderful NorthWest

  1. Who planned the itinerary for this trip? It sounds like you’ve seen a lot of “off the beaten trail” things. I’m enjoying the travelogue and beautiful pictures!

    • This is the third trip I’ve done as a “driver” so I kinda have a route figured out… but then we tweak it to try to add whatever stops each group wishes. ☺️ Bless you for your kind words!

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