The Finish Line

My alarm went off at 5:15, and I groggily got dressed and headed for the lobby. 

We’d wanted to get through Chicago before calling it quits the night before, so it was after 12:15 when we’d checked in, which resulted in my morning brain being in low gear.

I met part of our gang in the hall, “Did you find breakfast?”

“No, it’s not opened yet”

I headed for the courtesy coffee counter “oh that’s a buzzer” I said Kendra, that did not come out right try again. I laughed “I’m mean that’s a bum kill”  Ugh you mean bummer or buzz kill-it’s time you get home.

So home we flew. We stopped a grand total of 15 minutes max the entire 710 miles home. Whoever says that girls don’t travel well never met these ladies.

As we rolled into VA, down 81, and through Harrisonburg, we wrestled with the wide range of emotions the end of an adventure brings: excitement to see our family and friends, sorrow that a capital experience is over, and exhaustion.

But mainly excitement. “You know that saying is really true.” One of the girls stated as we crossed into the “Friendly City”: “East, Best, Home is West.” 

Silence followed her quote. For several moments. “WAIT!” She laughed hysterically “what did I just say?!” 

We were all ready to be home.

Praise the Lord we made it!

The last few adventures included:

Mount Rushmore in the early morning hours complete with mountain goats on Washington’s head. 😂

A quick stop in Wall, SD where we shopped and enjoyed the wooden/wax figures.

26 days, 11,035 miles, 26 States, 2 Provinces, 19 National Parks (including the 4 in Canada)… What a journey. 

The loving welcome from the homeland outshone the splendor we’d already experienced.

Banners, and excited families welcomed us at every stop.

Farren even had an official finish line.

There is no place like home! 

Thank you to all of you who so faithfully/excitedly followed our journey and who lifted us up in prayer. As I sit in my favorite recliner enjoying the luxuries of home (do you know how much fun it is to drink coffee from an actual mug?) I am overwhelmed praising the goodness of our Heavenly Father. By His Grace and Mercy, we are home!

See you down the trail,


Bonus Pic:

Final Farren Foto: VA’s version of the Great Divide 


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