Thomas Jefferson and I 

By coincidence, I spent the last week discovering random facts about Thomas Jefferson.

The last time I visited Monticello was as a 5th grader. I remember being so impressed that Jefferson accredited his good health to soaking his feet in cold water every morning. That same copper basin impressed me again years later. ( I know what you're thinking- 5th grade was just A FEW years ago 😜)

No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth, and no culture comparable to that of the garden.                                -Thomas Jefferson

As I listened and learned about this man who lived so many years ago- I was amazed by his sphere of influence. This little Virginia farm boy grew up to be part of a work that has impacted the world for 100s of years. 

I'm amazed at how much is known about him. "Jefferson believed that all men were equal even though he was a slave holder all his life." "Jefferson designed this house to be a multigenerational house and lived here with grandchildren and great grandchildren."  "Jefferson's bed was a few inches shorter than the owner, he believed it was preferable to sleep propped up by pillows." Jefferson believed…  Jefferson's desire…  Jefferson believed- over and over during our tour.

Yesterday I was at Natural Bridge and guess who showed up again? 

On July 5, 1774, Thomas Jefferson purchased Natural Bridge from the King of England. He built a 2 room cabin near the Bridge and kept a guestbook full of exotic names.

It is impossible for emotions arising from the sublime, to be felt beyond what they are here: so beautiful an arch, so elevated, so light, and springing as it were up to heaven.  -Thomas Jefferson 

It's quite apparent to me that Jefferson was focused with what he believed. Somebody somewhere must have kept careful records for there to be this much information about him after 200 years!

What about me? Is there any chance that my legacy will still stand in 2217? 

I'm still processing our western excursion. Definitely the conversations we had along the trail with random strangers is one of the highlights. "Who are you?" "Amish or Mennonite?" "What's with the costumes?" "What colony are you from?"

I love that my way of life gives me an opportunity to share what Christ has done for me…  and yet as I share that my denomination is Mennonite, but most importantly I am Christian who believes that the only hope of eternal life is through the gift of Christ's sacrifice on the cross; I can't help but wonder… Does my life portray evidence of the kind of love that we as Christian's profess? Or forgiveness and grace? Enough evidence that someday, someone could pause and say " that was Kendra, she believed…"

I don't need people touring my mansion years down the road, or posting my wordy quotes… but I think it's critical to be confident enough with my beliefs that the world is impacted.

"Lord, I believe, help my unbelief!"


Bonus Pic:

Nate fixed Sunday Lunch in honor of Deb's birthday. I had no idea he was hiding such culinary skills… but I sure hope he intends to use that hidden talent more often in the future! :) 

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