New Troops Arrive at the Ranch

I now interrupt this broadcast to bring you this important announcement:

Just in from the head of ranch security:

You see, all week I've been banished to never never land (aka the dairy and German Shepherdville) and poor ol Rolo was left in Singers Glen to defend our property and our honor. I did.not. feel good about it, but hey, did anybody ask me? Nope, they just lured me in with that phony "Detroit, get on the truck" line. (They know I can't resist that 😔) and there we were rocketing out the lane with Rolo standing at the garage slowly wagging her tail, waving a white handkerchief and watching us go. Oh boy.

All week, I was a nervous wreck thinking about my pal. The family was off on vacation, and really the farm should've hired more troops instead of less, but anyhow. Finally, last night, Jul decided that I had the dairy returned to its former splendor, and I was allowed to return home. So I went, preparing to survey the damage.

Rolo faired pretty good, apparently. Maybe she's a better assistant than I give her credit for. The house was still standing, and even the cat was still alive.

The family rolled back in, and Rolo was released from her solo shift. Barely in the nick of time.

Not only are the Ranch Security Divisions reunited and standing fearlessly in the face of evil, our numbers have increased!

I'm so glad to be here to start the new pups in boot camp right way.

And you should've seen River. We are so excited to have all these nieces and nephews! She raced around and picked Rolo a beautiful bouquet of Cyclamens and Poinsettias. Apparently the Mother around here is not running a florist and is not interested in supplying bouquets for the new doggy mother… The idea was nice tho, Riv, but next time, please let Mother's plants alone.

Anyhow, if you happen to run a haphazard outfit, and have an opening for some top of the line security dogs, you may want to get in touch with us.

Quick while supplies last!

Detroit Snappenbarker Mendoza/proud uncle

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