Combating the Cold

Do you like cold weather? I don’t. I can get excited about a snow every now and then, but I know I’ve never looked at the extended forecast and said “wow! This is great! Look it’s supposed to be 10 degrees all next weekend!” Nope-not a fan.

But life doesn’t always bring us exactly what we like. So we have the choice of sitting around grouching about it, or embracing the less than perfect conditions.

So here we are: 10* degrees with the wind blowing.

I’ve gotten a complete kick out of watching my family combat this cold snap we are experiencing:

Father got all excited and rallied the troops and we spent hours in a friend’s warm shop polishing Miss K. It’s only slightly discouraging to think how fast she will be covered with road grime on her next trip out to the port-but she’s smiling for now!

Father has a complete list of trucks to polish now that Miss K is done-I wonder if his friend minds if we take up permanent polishing residency in his shop 🙈 what do you say, Harold?

Mother’s method of coping involves various sewing projects. Pictured is an embroidered quilt that I gave Deb for her 18th birthday. It took me way too long to complete this. It’s a solid queen size, and somehow dragging around that size of a piece of fabric was bulky, hard to deal with, and uninspiring. But 4 years later, it’s ready for the frames 🙄

But the most exotic way of embracing the cold: our pond at Turleytown. ⛸⛸ We have a gifted photographer for a neighbor- who captured the moonrise.

The fire was quite lively, and the wisdom shared around its friendly glow was unending. These are good times. It’s been fun seeing who all is diehard enough to brave the cold and come enjoy the ice.

Father heard us lament the shortage of firewood- so he solved that problem by moving in a few trees. Thankfully someone else brought a chainsaw.

I think there’s nothing quite so nice,

As going skating on the ice.

When we go skating round and round,

Our voices make the clearest sound,

And all our caps and jackets look

As bright as pictures in a book,

Against the rim of glistening snow.

But much too soon-it’s time to go.

When I grow up, I’ll skate all night

Under the moon’s bright, frosty light.

And when it’s morning, I’ll just say,

It’s early, so I’ll skate all day.


Stay warm,


Bonus Pic: My mom spent hours on the ice during her childhood, and a horrid cold has kept her hibernating in the house this season. But that doesn’t keep her from refereeing from afar 🙈

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