These Slow January Days

Occasionally one of my sweet friends will ask “Have you been on the road recently?” This past month travel-wise has been slowwwwww for me and while you can probably hear my banking account crying from where you are- I have rejoiced at every leisure day.

Quite often- Mark 6:31 “Come ye apart and rest awhile” speaks to me. But I don’t typically associate this verse with staying home and just being. Regardless, this month of quiet has been a balm to my soul.

A few highlights:

The chicken house pads at Kerry and Emily’s farm are really coming. We had a blast there last week ☺️

After several months of worshipping elsewhere, we are back at the newly remodeled Bank Church. Her appearance has been altered a little-but the worship is still the same.

We pulled up all sorts of nursery rhymes to create the menu for a cousin’s baby shower hosted by Julia. I must admit-I was totally amused by the ladies who couldn’t eat the cheese ball because it looked like a mouse 🙈cheeseball sculpture by Jess and Joel. And my mom and sisters came up with a pretty good cupcake representation of “the animal fair”

And last but certainly not least- I’m gaining a brother!!! Nate had a significant question for Deb out on the ice at Silver Lake one night recently 🙈 let the planning begin ☺️

And so that’s a quick peek of the more picturesque portions of my world the last few weeks. (I’m not subjecting you to photos of the mad scramble of the year end books around here 🤔)

Praising God for the present, trusting Him for the future,


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