Celebrating Deb

As we are waiting-rather impatiently- for spring to wrap the Valley in her sunny embrace; our family is kept busy. The pile of boxes for May 26 is steadily growing. There are more days that the delivery man stops by our place than not. The planning stage for Deb and Nate’s wedding is in full swing and is currently rather obsessive.

This week, we celebrated Deb over and over πŸ™‚

Laura and Twila rented an old mill and hosted a shower for my little sis.

The fellowship was warm (even if it was flurrying outside) the games-amusing, and the food-fantastic. What a party!

Several months ago, I was at a farm show signing up for every door prize around πŸ€” Obviously, I wasn’t reading the fine print, because next thing I knew-I was receiving phone calls that I “had qualified” for a gift card. Hmmm.

All I needed to do was bring someone and sit thru a 90 minute meeting. Oh boy. I’ve sat through a number of these time share racket schemes, and I thought I’d agreed with myself that we were done with those things.

But alas, the next thing my sweet, long-suffering sister Emily knew, she was spending a morning with me touring Massanutten Resort. The down side was that 90 minutes lasted a lot longer than 1.5 hrs. But the positive results were- not only did we obtain a gift card, we received a letter entitlement to 3 days, 2 nights at the resort.

So, in Deb’s honor, we packed up and headed the entire way across Harrisonburg, and enjoyed all the luxury that Massanutten has to offer.

Mother joined us for supper the first evening, Kate came the next evening (πŸ“· credits to her) We hiked a bit, enjoyed a sunset, whipped up a feast or two, and conquered the Escape Room with time to spare (you can just refer to us as Sherlock Holmes from now on πŸ˜‚)

But the highlight from our stay, was just enjoying the blessing of each other. These days are so precious, I just want to savor them. πŸ’ž

And as we are basking in the memories of our getaway, the pain from our morning meeting has dulled somewhat, but I’m still promising myself, and darling Em that I won’t get us into these predicaments again.

At least not for a little πŸ™ˆ

Take the time to enjoy your family-whatever busy stage you are in- they are God’s most precious gift.


Bonus Pic:

A trip to the airport resulted in a detour through Washington DC and the peak of the Cherry Blossom Festival 😍 Wow

So much fun that it suited cousin Juanita to be my co-pilot again for this adventure πŸ’ž

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