Colorado: Land Of So Much

Every time I blog about CO, it ends up being a form of a love letter. I really do love this state.

So much history:

A quick stop at Mesa Verde taught me a few more details about the people who sought shelter here 700 years ago.

The Durango/ Silverton Narrow Gauge Rail brought history back to life for the 6 ladies traveling with us. (Em and I enjoyed a free day)

So much variety in the view:

Wolf Creek Pass is one of my favorites. So breathtakingly beautiful.

The Great Sand Dunes are another marvel: the way the wind is constantly changing, sculpting the face of the sands; the sheer size of these sand mountains…

The Black Canyon- the impressive walls dropping 2,000 feet to the river below.

The views along the Million Dollar Highway. We are frustrated with the lack of ability to communicate the grandeur before us… so we just say “wow” over and over and over…

Quote Of The Day: Just think, if I had enough faith, I could order these mountains to move back to Lancaster Co with me.

So much agriculture:

We love watching the farmland out the van window. The San Luis Valley impressed us with it’s brilliant canola, beehives, and various colors of blooming potato fields.

So much culture:

We took in a rodeo in Durango. You know that feeling when you can’t bear to watch, yet hate to miss anything? 😅

Our favorite was the mutton bustin’. Emily took these pics and I love the progression. Going, Going, Gone.

So much appreciation:

All over Durango there were “thank yous” to the heroes who saved the town. It was incredible to see how close the charred trees were to the backs of houses, yet no structures were lost!

So much hospitality: (not pictured)

We landed in Delta, and are catching our breath before moving on. As always, the Kennells are making our stay so comfortable. Bless y’all for providing an oasis for weary travelers!

Yes Colorado, you are so much.

Thank you for guiding our hearts in worship of the Creator. It’s wonderful to be here again.

“Auf wiedersehen” as they say. “See you later” from where I come from.

See you down the trail,


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