Hey Florence

Hey Florence

I know we haven’t met, but I have a pretty strong opinion about you. This year has been a challenge already-trying to dodge rainy days and still feed the world in a timely fashion. Stressful but good-the crops that are almost ready to harvest look promising. I’m so excited and thankful for my second crop beans by the river… They really aren’t interested in a swim.

You’ve gotten our attention with your threats of strong winds and double digit rain. There’s a somber tone in the voice of the farmers as they beg us to brave their muddy fields to secure their harvest before your arrival. This isn’t a game.

But then I’m reminded that this isn’t between me and you. I know Someone who can calm waves on command, and just remembering that fact calms the storm in my heart.

It will be ok. Thanks for reminding me where I place my trust. #hurricaneflorence #trustgod #harvest18 #johndeere

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