Snaps of Summertime

I love summertime. Last week I got in on 3 shrimp suppers in a row. As I watched my week disappear in a trail of shrimp tails- I couldn’t help but smile. As I said- I love summertime!

There are plenty of adventures going on around here. Father and his childhood bestie, Leon caught a flight to LAX and drove a bus home as fast as they could go. It took them about 3 days and a steak meal in Amarillo, TX. We are excited to have an updated bus for Valley Christian Churches.

I made a discovery in the garden last week:

And just a few days later:

It seems like our family is all about babies right now- and I don’t foresee that obsession becoming any less in the near future. God is so good!

I found this quote on a piece of wall art and it spoke my heart throb so well- I went on line to see if I could find it. So here it is: the author certainly understands the love of farming 💞

It is what I know –

And what I love.  Up before the crack of dawn with a morning ritual that includes a strong cup of joe, a quick glance at the weather and always a check on the market because

I was born to be a FARMER.

It’s overlooking the beauty…

Of the earth and the smell of freshly tilled soil, entrusted to the vastness of what we call a field.  It’s watching and waiting to see all of those millions of little seeds start to sprout through the ground in rows as straight as a ruler, bringing great satisfaction, because

I was born to be a FARMER.

It’s having great faith…

As the storm comes in, knowing that the green, tender plants could be wiped out in a matter of seconds.  Or, when the rain simply doesn’t come and watching the plants wither until, at the last minute of almost losing hope, a rain cloud comes.  And the sky opens right at that moment, with just enough to get a little relief and a renewed faith because

I was born to be a FARMER.

It’s keeping up

With technology, realizing that it’s a sure necessity. But always looking back with the fondest of memories and great admiration of how Dad and Grandpa did things, because

I was born to be a FARMER.

It’s a partnership…

A working partnership with the good Lord Almighty.  Without Him, it could not be done.  It is His divine guidance that gets me through each season from planting to the harvest.  Through the storms and the drought, the highs, and the lows.  Some say it’s a gamble, but to me, it’s a way of life, because

I was born to be a FARMER.

By Marla Rae Anders

Hope your week is blessed. I’m enjoying some quality time with a few of my favorites and God’s beautiful creation.


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