March’s Mini Morsels (quick photo tour of recent highlights)

To our friends scattered to and fro,

Hello from the middle of Missouri. I’ve been on the road a bit more this week, and since I’m currently spending several days waiting, I thought I’d jump on here and share a few pics.

I’m staying in the cutest little guesthouse. It’s really fun to just be able to entertain myself for a few days.

I went to downtown Versailles and almost got arrested. Well, not really. Those of you who know me well, know that I love to have a project on the back burner. My current project is sharing my travels via postcard with a friend who was recently paralyzed. So as I wandered around the town square, I was on a mission to find a postcard. I saw a little sign pointing towards a “Museum Store” so I followed it and found the store looking rather desolate, but the door opened, so I went in and found my sought after postcard. But try as I might, I couldn’t find anyone to take my money. So I went back out and up the street to the Chamber of Commerce and found several helpful ladies who nearly heart attacked when I told them I’d been in the museum store roaming around. Long story short, they sold me the postcard I’d found, and with a hearty “thank you for reporting this” we parted ways. But I still can’t decide- was I breaking and entering? Or was I a good citizen supporting the neighborhood watch program. I don’t know, but I got my postcard, and that’s what counts. 😂

Monday I was privileged to attend the funeral of Lydia Stoltzfus. Technically I just attended the grave service, because as the driver, sleep took priority to a German church service. She was buried beside her son Amos who worked part time on our farm until his death in July, 2007. Crazy how many memories this brought back. Same white fence, same blue sky… There is no singing at Amish funerals, and I was just amazed again at how silent and solemn the minutes were as they filled the grave. I’m pretty sure even the birds quit singing. One of Amos’s nieces referenced the joyful reunion that she imagined taking place in Heaven… “Oh death, where is thy sting? Oh grave, where is thy victory?”

Em had another knee surgery on Tuesday. She remembered pics from October, 2017… She’s just as cute as she was then, but there’s been definite improvements made in her babysitting charges ❤️


And since I’m sure you wanted to see more pics of my nephews 😂 such roly poly little miracles ❤️ 📷 credit: Ryder Photography

And finally- my sisters are lucky. I mean, for real. My Instagram notifications stay swamped because Em and Deb are always entering giveaways by tagging me. And I don’t mind. And they win. A lot. Jul isn’t on social media, but she still enters drawings and comes away with the prize. Unbelievable.

Dressed Up Threads was hosting a photo contest, where requirements were: wear a dress made from their fabric and post a pic of you doing something with your plant babies or greenhouse related and tag #springfeverwithdressedupthreads The winner receives a Shenandoah dress from Dressed Up Threads. Anyhow as the contest drew towards a close, I mentioned it one more time, and Jul and Mother got on board with brainstorming.

So this is what we came up with for my post.

“We can BEARly wait to come out of hibernation” says Mama Bear “but I know this season of rocking babies and dreaming about springtime will soon be passed”

And would you believe that we were selected as winners? I can’t wait to see Mama Bear in her new dress!

Ok, I’ve rambled on quite long enough.

Blessings on your weekend,


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