Legit Cabin Fever

I’ve honestly had cabin fever for a year now. Well actually longer than that, but a year ago, I got down to business and started to order my little cabin for our pond from a cousin who works at a local Storage Building Shop.

My dad and Uncle put the pad in exactly a year ago and I was on Cloud 9.

I was so excited the day it arrived all folded down like a little box for easy transport. I thought that it wouldn’t be long until I was sitting on the front porch watching the world go by. Ha

My original idea included my ingenious, hardworking sisters and an occasional accommodating brother-in-law… BUT everyone got busy with their own projects and what I thought I had lined up fell thru… and my little project sat in its forlorn little shell for days and weeks. Eventually I hired a few men and slowly the face of my project changed.

And finally- at long last, Lowe’s delivered the fridge today, wrapping up the last of my major purchases.

Even though this didn’t end up being a project completely conquered by our fam- everywhere I look I see details that my sweet patient family (and boyfriend😉) helped me bring into reality.

So Quarantining isn’t looking very bleak these days. Eventually I’m excited to host parties here, but for now- you just find a few of us keeping our distance and enjoying God’s beautiful creation and our little cabin getaway.

Ben- who’s learning all about KH and her constant projects (🙈) asked me recently: “sooooo what’s your next project after your cabin is finished?”

I honestly don’t know- this one ended up being way more extensive/expensive than what I’d expected. I learned a pile during the process. But I think I need a break from my education.

I’m definitely going for that glass of iced tea on the front porch.

Have a peaceful Sunday,



Just in case you missed my dad’s poem about COVID-19 you can watch it here.

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