Thus begins the travels of the Masked Mesdames

Years ago, someone in our family came up with the brainstorm to publish a newspaper to send to our friends who live hither and yon. Each participant had a regular column. And while the willingness of each participant varied some (ok who are we kidding, I had to hound my little sisters to get their articles in on time) the mail must go thru, and the paper HAD to be ready on time. Eventually there was a complete mutiny among the staff and even tho Mother still sweetly coughed up a recipe for her column, the paper reached a sad end.

Em’s column was written under the guise of a detective. “The Masked Muskrat” snuck around collecting stories.

And here we are however many years later: the legit Masked Muskrats, sneaking around thru the West, collecting stories. We also collected our little Covid Cow and whipped him up a little mask so that he can go with us wherever. Not sure what all our trip mascot will get into- but stay tuned…

We’ve challenged ourselves to #mericabysong Part 2, which is happening on our Instagram stories- if that interests you 🙂 Here CC is riding through the Smoky Mountains singing “Don’t let the Smoky Mountain smoke get in your eyes..”

Our random find of the day was “The Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid” along the Mississippi River in Memphis. The guys took the 300 ft freestanding glass elevator to the top to look out. I opted to stay on the ground, without regret.

We stopped among the rice paddies in Arkansas for BBQ and catfish. Apparently we know very little about the growing season of rice. But we do know good bbq when we taste it, and Nicks is highly recommended.

Currently we are hastening westward, anticipating a day full of adventures as God provides.

I hope your day is blessed as well,

See ya down the trail,

Kendra of the Masked Mesdames

Bonus Pics:

Managed to sneak in a celebration for my friends new daughter during the week I was home..

And my Benfriend managed to sneak my truck while I was babysitting the twins, and returned it detailed ❤️

And these little guys- 7 months old already 💙💙

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