How Beautiful Heaven Must Be

To our friends scattered to and fro,

We’ve traveled through a wide variety of countryside since my last post.

I didn’t realize Oregon was wheat country. But we saw wheat and not much else in the northeastern part. Except 2 huge mule deer making their way along.

And a number of deserted buildings.

Stopped in the town of Grass Valley (population 170) and chatted with a rancher who said they run 50 head of cows on 3000 acres.

Found an oasis in Bonners Ferry, ID. The Mellinger’s fed us amazing food; took us to a beautiful waterfalls where the fish bit readily and the mosquitoes bit as hungrily; gave us a place to stay; and ministered to our travel weary selves. Such an inspiring example of true hospitality ❤️

They keep a number of llamas for packing gear up into the mountains and everyone agreed that Covid needed a ride. Everyone except Benny the Llama. He was not too impressed with a masked stuffed cow on his back.

Glacier and Lake McDonald was as gorgeous as ever. The stunning views, the turquoise water, the beautiful flowers create the most memorable visit everytime. If this isn’t my favorite national park, it’s only because I don’t play favorites. Everyone enjoyed skipping rocks and I had great fun trying to capture a pic as the rock jumped along the surface.

The clouds that hung around all day, finally dripped on us as we hurried towards our motel that evening, creating an even more breathtaking view of the sunlight on the mountains in the rain, chasing rainbows over the ridge, and just wowing us in general.

As I reviewed the recent views in my mind, I kept coming back to the same thing over and over “how beautiful heaven must be”

All this gorgeousness on this ol earth, and yet we are told that it’s nothing compared to the splendor that’s coming…

Bonners at eventide

So exciting- How beautiful Heaven must be ❤️

See ya down the trail,


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