Wyoming Wanderings

Everytime the trail leads us through Wyoming, Emily takes me on the same emotional rollercoaster ride: complete excitement at the anticipation, energetic chatter exclaiming over everything while we are there, and sad dejected silence as we watch the State Line disappear in the rearview.

And this visit was no less amazing.

We’ve had really close encounters with wild life this trip. Em took both of these pics in Yellowstone.

We watched 2 geysers erupt at the same basin as Old Faithful. And enjoyed the deep colors at the West Thumb Basin.

We enjoyed another barn at the Tetons and the children were delighted with the curious little prairie dogs who popped up to watch us. (Prairie dog photo by Em)

And can any visit to Jackson Hole be complete without supper and song at the Bar J Chuckwagon?

But South Dakota is nice too. We arrived in the middle of Sturgis’s bike week. And the entire state was crawling with motorcycles. Just for fun- we counted how many bike we met on the road (this didn’t include any of the scores of bikes parked along the road, at every single gas pump, or lining the streets) and within the last 37 miles to Mt Rushmore- we met over 550 motorcycles.

Wall Drug wasn’t much better.

The Badlands weren’t quite as bad, but it certainly wasn’t a ghost town. Or a Goats town. But we did see a number of Big Horn Sheep 😉

And lastly- a quick stop at the famous Corn Palace was fun to see. We were amused by how many birds were perched on the side of the building- making the most out of the smorgasbord.

But through all the sights South Dakota attempted to charm us with, Em just kept singing her favorite Chis LeDoux song;

Take me back to old Wyoming I’ve been away too long

I want to hear the meadow lark singin’ this cowboy’s favorite song

I want to saddle up old paint and just ride him out across the hills

I belong in old Wyoming and I reckon that I always will

This is a beautiful land ❤️

“Worthy are you, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they existed and were created.” Rev 4:11

See ya down the trail,


Bonus Pic:

If you look closely, you can maybe pick out the Covid Cow among the antlers. She has provided a fair amount of entertainment this trip. But I will admit to second guessing her name a few times, when I listen to our off-handed conversation as we walk along:

“Hey! Do you have Covid?”

“Yep, sure do!” 🧐

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