Farewell, Sweet Summertime

A few years ago, my Aunt shared a family tendency with me that I was very familiar with but didn’t realize it was a family tradition.

“It’s the end of summer and we just had to get away” she said “see, I suffer from my dad’s seasonal depression.”

Immediately I was all ears. “Wait, what do you mean?”

She explained something to the extent of “Always at the end of summer, my dad would mope around and lament over summer’s sad parting”

I couldn’t believe it. Suddenly a light was turned on in my brain.

Every August. My dad wrote a lament that he’d sing about the week before school started “Now the summers ooooooover” he’d wail “winter’s drawing nigggggggggggggh” and I remember the sad cold desperate feeling that would touch my very soul.

So my seasonal sorrow has been carried through generations. But it’s not exclusive to our family. Every year I remember the poem Summer, My love and it strikes a chord home.

Ah, summer, my friend. Do you have to leave so soon?

But she must. The calendar page is turning once again, and my sweet summer is slowly, silently ebbing away.

It’s been a good one tho. Campfires, gorgeous sunsets, swim parties, fun travel, outdoor church. This isn’t a summer I want to forget ❤️

A few of the last summer hoorays include:

Thoroughly enjoyed hosting the Rohrer family at the pond. ❤️

My Ben friend is quite the fisherman 😍

Some friends hosted a hayride. It got abbreviated because of the threatening clouds, but what fun.

I’ve really been enjoying my “Shenandoah Dress” from Dressed Up Threads. If you’re in the market for a ready-made dress- I highly recommend them. It’s super comfy and fun to wear. You can find them here.

And finally, another friend has the cutest “pick your own” flowers and herb roadside patch. The timely advice comes free 😉😘

Take your time going, my summer friend, but hurry back ❤️

He has made everything beautiful in its time Ecc 3:11a



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