Beware of Googled Scripture References

It all started quite innocently as Mother and I hurried home from an early morning chicken checking.

“Just look at the steam rising off the pond. Do I have 1 minute to take a pic? Sure I have 1 minute.” I answered my own question and turned into the cabin’s lane.

The cabin has been busy of late. On a whim I decided to post it on Airbnb. (You’ll find our listing here. ) We are delighted with each booking, guest, and positive feedback. “Pondside Paradise” as we call it, even decided to open its own Instagram page, so I’m on the lookout for pics to promote what we have going on.

Mother sat patiently in the vehicle while I flew about, capturing what I was after, and we sailed back out the lane. 3 minutes instead of 1. But still worth it.

We were chopping at the dairy, so I waited until our day was rolling until I had a minute to post my pic on Instagram. Instead of carrying a Bible concordance with me, I’ve been know to google “scripture about mornings” and get the appropriate passage to fit my thoughts. Today was no exception:

What a beautiful reminder. Because I was still attempting to maintain my position in the crew, I hurriedly posted the 2 Timothy verse along with the reference and our steam laden pond and was on my way.

And just for fun. I threw a video of the same deal on my WhatsApp Status too. Along with the reference only. 2 Tim 2:17.

And there it was all day.

We had a tremendous day, and before we knew it, we were pulling the sheet across the trench and preparing to drag our weary selves home.

Suddenly my phone started going crazy. But because I was helping my dad on some cutter maintenance, it was a little before I could see what was up. My sisters and I have a group chat and it was going nuts.

Julia was sweetly trying to figure out how 2 Tim 2:17 applied to anything. And Deb kept sending videos where she was laughing uncontrollably,(they admitted later) but then she got worried that it would hurt my feelings, so she’d delete her message and start again.

I hastily attempted to rectify the situation by explaining what had happened-too many irons in the fire. So I posted an addendum to my WhatsApp post hoping to salvage the deal. 2 Tim 1:7 is what I was looking for.

Imagine my sisters mirth when I looked up 2 Tim 1:7 only to discover that it’s a reminder of God giving us love, power, and a sound mind, and not a spirit of fear. Sigh.

All day I thought I was quoting a verse about Gods mercy being new every morning. What Faithfulness! And instead I’m quoting the wrong reference on one post and stating “their talk spread like gangrene” on another.

Maybe I’d better hold off on posting for awhile. Or when I do- I’d better learn to double check the verse and reference I’m sharing.

Or maybe there’s some gangrene talk that needed to be dealt with, and God used my feeble blunder to call that to attention.

I’m sure I don’t know, but there is one thing I’m confident of:

I need that new mercy every morning. “Great is Thy Faithfulness”


Bonus Pic:

One thought on “Beware of Googled Scripture References

  1. This is too hilarious! 😂(I’m adding my uncontrollable laughter) thanks 4 the laugh👍 that baby pic is also way too funny😂😂😂👍

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