#AuntKenAgain 💙 #boyaunt 💙

“Guys! Deb randomly asked me to cover for her at work tomorrow” Em announced. She and Deb spend several mornings a week sitting with an elderly lady.

“Guys! Deb randomly turned down a chance to watch the boys for me because she ‘wanted to stay home’.” Jul soon added to the announcement. Deb occasionally watches the twins over milking time.

I had nothing to add to the detective work that was well underway so I just pondered these things in my heart.

Thursday came and went and I was convinced my sisters were not Sherlock Holmes. Friday came and went and we still waited. Deb was at home and then her car was missing (don’t ask how we know-more detective work).

Saturday afternoon I dropped in at Julia’s for a little and my phone suddenly went crazy. “DEB WANTS TO FACETIME!”

The twins were sleeping but heard what was going on and soon there were 4 of us peering with varied levels of excitement/understanding at my phone.

Alexander Wade Kennell was born Oct 3, weighing an impressive 10 lbs 3 oz.

His very proud papa says he’s “all Kennell”.

We like to think there’s some Horst there. (Also pictured My dad, 1958)

But we don’t actually even care. He’s ours and he’s here. Thank you, Jesus 💙💙💙

In keeping with the giraffe theme, Grammy gave Alexander the biggest giraffe he’d ever seen

Just looook at that hair.

Alexander “defender of the people”

“He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?” Micah 6:8

I’m praying this over you, my big little man 💙💙💙

Aunt Ken loves you very much. #boyaunt

📸 credits: the adoring aunties

Bonus Pics:

Told Deb I thought maybe the baby stork had arrived at the pond last week. I didn’t realize he’d need overweight permits 😂

Took a quick trip to OBX for work this week. This song kept running through my head.

If, on a quiet sea towards heaven we calmly sail,
With grateful hearts, oh God to thee
We’ll own the favoring gale.
When I’m under thy sweet control
I know I’ll sail swiftly into the unknown.
Singing praises all along the way,
For when the winds rage, Jesus you still remain my God.
But should the surges rise, and rest delay to come,
Blest be the tempest and kind the storm,
Which drives us nearer home.

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