Things I’m Excited About (not listed in order of importance)

You know that feeling when you discover something and you just wanna share it with the entire world?

Recently I had to laugh at myself. My sisters are very eager “GetUpside”ers. It’s this really neat app where you scan your gas receipts from participating gas stations and they give you a few cents per gallon back . Apparently gas stations are willing to take a little less to promote their business and this app does just that.

I’ve been a little slow getting rolling with this, while my sisters have been making bank. (Em is at $500 on returns and counting) But one of the nearest gas stations to me just joined GetUpside and have been offering $.20 back. Anyhow I’m laughing at me because suddenly I’m filling up on gas every chance I get, and trying to think who of my friends would love to save money on fuel too. (If you want to check out this app you can find it Here. Using my code will get us both money back.) A penny saved is a penny earned, you know.

Another recent discovery came from my Aunt Thelma. I stopped to visit her and we were talking about life and current tough situations and she pulled up this reading. I love it, and found myself wanting to share it with everybody. I don’t know the writer personally, but I wish I could tell her how this resonates with my heart. I hope it blesses you too.

“I would have pulled Joseph out. Out of that pit. Out of that prison. Out of that pain. And I would have cheated nations out of the one God would use to deliver them from famine.

I would have pulled David out. Out of Saul’s spear-throwing presence. Out of the caves he hid away in. Out of the pain of rejection. And I would have cheated Israel out of a God-hearted king.

I would have pulled Esther out. Out of being snatched from her only family. Out of being placed in a position she never asked for. Out of the path of a vicious, power-hungry foe. And I would have cheated a people out of the woman God would use to save their very lives.

And I would have pulled Jesus off. Off of the cross. Off of the road that led to suffering and pain. Off of the path that would mean nakedness and beatings, nails and thorns. And I would have cheated the entire world out of a Savior. Out of salvation. Out of an eternity filled with no more suffering and no more pain.

And oh friend. I want to pull you out. I want to change your path. I want to stop your pain. But right now I know I would be wrong. I would be out of line. I would be cheating you and cheating the world out of so much good. Because God knows. He knows the good this pain will produce. He knows the beauty this hard will grow. He’s watching over you and keeping you even in the midst of this. And He’s promising you that you can trust Him. Even when it all feels like more than you can bear.

So instead of trying to pull you out, I’m lifting you up. I’m kneeling before the Father and I’m asking Him to give you strength. To give you hope. I’m asking Him to protect you and to move you when the time is right. I’m asking Him to help you stay prayerful and discerning. I’m asking Him how I can best love you and be a help to you. And I’m believing He’s going to use your life in powerful and beautiful ways. Ways that will leave your heart grateful and humbly thankful for this road you’ve been on.”

  • Kimberly D. Henderson, 2017

Press on friends, the battle belongs to the Lord!


Bonus Pics:

And since it’s been a week since I shared any pics of my favorite little guys 😍 We had fun attempting to capture these shots of Alexander. (“We” being me. Alexander slept the entire time.)

And my busy little buddies 😅 they each have their own little tricks. And I was impressed again with how fleeting these stages are. Uriah learned how to crawl on all fours this week, leaving the tongue out, tummy crawl days behind.

And Isaiah got his first tractor ride with Aunt Ken. Jul brought them out to the edge of the field to watch as I finished seeding rye. Isaiah stood up in the stroller and hollered until he got a ride. Look out world.

3 thoughts on “Things I’m Excited About (not listed in order of importance)

  1. Thanks for sharing Kimberly’s writing…so, so loaded with good things to think about!!

    On Sun, Oct 11, 2020 at 4:14 PM paradisemtnmusings wrote:

    > Kendra posted: ” You know that feeling when you discover something and you > just wanna share it with the entire world? Recently I had to laugh at > myself. My sisters are very eager “GetUpside”ers. It’s this really neat app > where you scan your gas receipts from particip” >

  2. You got me thinking. What if Pilate had judged correctly and freed Jesus. Perhaps Jesus would have died of old age and when he rose from the dead still conquered death. Then again, Rome and the powerful religious would have kept on coming.

  3. Thanks for the reminder to endure hard times!
    how true that is,
    the need to abide in the fullness of the Holy Spirit is so so true and to rely on the wisdom that we receive from above!

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