An Auntie Sleepover Hosted by the Twins

“It’s Papa’s birthday and we’re going away

But the aunts are coming here to stay”

Then I winked at brother and he winked at me

We caught a power nap around 8

And waited til the aunts felt smug (big mistake)

Then I signaled brother and he signaled me.

We stood up in our cribs and proceeded to yell

It bounced off the walls and worked quite well

Til the aunts came for brother and they came for me.

Someone had put away all of the toys

You could hardly tell this place hosted boys

But leave it to brother and leave it to me

We flew thru the house at lightning speed

Tossing toys and tasting whatever we felt the need

No sleep for brother and no sleep for me

“I’m so glad we’re staying up late, aren’t you, Aunt Ken?”

Finally about 10:45 we fought one final fight

With a snuggy under my arm, I settled in for the night

A sleepover for brother/ a sleepover for me

We checked in with the aunts about 2 or so

I think that’s why mama left them here-I don’t know

One aunt for brother and one aunt for me

We woke up early along with the sun

I guess that makes our first sleepover done

A success for brother/a success for me

It wasn’t too stressful I’m happy to say

But I’d rather watch mama any day

Then I grin at brother and he grins at me

Admittedly spent most of the weekend laughing at their innocent antics. These boys bring so much joy 💙 Aunt Ken loves you, buddies💙

Bonus Pic:

Isaiah spent most of the afternoon pushing this recliner in a circle. Grandfather complained of getting dizzy, but Alexander loved it 😂

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