Happy Birthday, Uriah and Isaiah

Last Christmas Julia and Sherman were given the most amazing Christmas gift.

It was such a perfect gift for them that it inadvertently was gifted to each of our family as well.

The gift didn’t get broken or worn out. We all enjoyed it as much as we wanted all year long. And it’s still going strong one year later.

Uriah watches Isaiah face plant

Happy Happy Birthday Buddies 💙💙

Uriah, left. Isaiah right
Isaiah left, Uriah right
Uriah left, Isaiah right

A local seamstress contacted Em and got measurements for the boys and whipped these adorable outfits up for them as they came home from the hospital

Uriah eyes the baby (literally) Isaiah right

“Were we actually this small?”

Such incredible changes in one year.

Uriah left, Isaiah right

Such an immeasurable amount of joy in one year.

Uriah left, Isaiah right

Such a wonderful and timely gift 💙

Uriah left, Isaiah right

Here’s to the next and the next and the next years of enjoying our favorite Christmas gifts 💙💙

Uriah and too much birthday

But first, I think a naps in order 😂

Happy Birthday, Uriah and Isaiah

Luv you,

Aunt Ken

Bonus pics:

Another pic of Sweet Baby A getting all the hands on attention from his eager cousins 🥰😂

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