Mexico’s Meditations

[Jesus] said “ Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” Mark 6:31

For the past week, Em and I have been savoring some sister time and following that verse to the max.

A friend posted some cheap travel deals on Facebook and we waded in not knowing what to expect.

We purchased an all inclusive 7 night stay at the Ventus at Marina El Cid; Puerto Morelos, Mexico and what a treat it was.

I’d never been to an all inclusive resort before, so I have nothing to compare it to, but the cleanliness of the place; the dedicated, hardworking staff; and the perfect climate made this an adventure I won’t soon forget.

There was plenty to do on the resort, but I’m in a complete glee that we got to join a bike riding tour that took us into town to souvenir shop at the market. I just love market shopping.

At one point our guide had us riding in the middle of a dirt road. “Make a line!” She shouted “Stay in the middle of the road!”

And an older gentleman on the bike ride quipped “In the middle of the road?! Confucius said ‘He who rides bike in the middle of the road gets hit by cars going both ways’!” 😂😂 Thankfully we survived.

I really enjoyed the large variety of cuisine the resort offered. We mostly ate seafood and more seafood.

The weather all week was a mild mid 70s and the resort had pools that ranged in temp for the optimum swimming pleasure. And the Gulf water was gorgeous

Also I love this little sis of mine ❤️ She’s the perfect addition to any adventure.

Also huge thanks to the family who not only consented to us going, but pushed us to do so. If I remember right the exact quote was “that is a crazy deal, why have you not left yet?!” ❤️

But most of all, Praise to our Heavenly Father, who spoke life into this gorgeous creation and who speaks life into our hearts at the best time. This time away from the strain of the everyday life was a good refocus for us.

God knows no limits. Whatever you’re up against, He will provide. It might not always be in the form of a trip to Cancun, but it will always be the appropriate provisions.

All praise, glory, and honor to the Almighty,


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