Lessons from my woodstove

“Is the wood stove going?” That’s about the first question that greets me every morning when I emerge from my downstairs bedroom.

“Ish” is usually the reply, because unless I get up in the middle of the night and throw another log on, my little stove is usually down to ashes and a few bright coals.

“Running a wood stove is a lot of work” I commented as I poured myself a cup of coffee. “I’m going down to encourage it”

My mom brought her coffee and joined me. “It’s not work, it’s a lesson in diligence” she said

This got my brain rolling… a wood stove does teach all sorts of life lessons. Here’s what we came up with, I’d love to hear from you if you care to add to the list:

Spread warmth and cheer equally to everyone near by. This wood stove isn’t partial- its happy to share with anyone and everyone.

Take the time to savor. My stove was a gift from my parents and it has a glass door. I love nothing more than watching the flames dance on a cold morning. In fact, my mom got out of bed to drink a cup of coffee with me before I left for Lancaster earlier this week. We chatted and watched the flames before I had to rush off. Isn’t that what everyone does at 3:30 in the morning? 😂 (she’s a rare gem, also there’s a reason I still live at home😉❤️)

A little honest dirt never hurt anybody. (Continually fighting the ashes and dust over here.)

Where there’s smoke, there could be fire- proceed with caution. I wonder how often the winds of gossip fan a smoldering situation into full blown flames. Oh God, forgive us.

Play with fire/ wind up burnt. When the nephews come to visit, we try to protect them from this reality. The stove is forbidden territory-stay away.

Embrace each season. Winter is my least favorite season, but I’m learning to enjoy the beauty here. (Especially from my easy chair beside my wood stove.)

If you need me, I don’t plan to roam far from this spot 😂🥶

May our eyes be opened to see deeper truths in the mundane of the everyday.


Bonus Pics:

My Ben friend conned me into leaving my beloved wood stove for a bit of winter exploration.

We found plenty of winter on Skyline Drive.

Em and I and River took to the ice a bit ahead of what was sensible just because it’s supposed to snow like mad and it’s been years since Em enjoyed a surgery free winter and was able to ice skate. PtL for healing ❤️

And finally… the change in the air temp created a beautiful eventide a few days ago.

2 thoughts on “Lessons from my woodstove

  1. Loved the musings…didn’t catch the fact of the woodstove cooking for you…we have enjoyed baked potatoes…and smoke…oh oh…last Dec 2019 we got home from a funeral…Daniel Dolly …to find our house full of smoke!!! the stove pipe came off…well we got a good houseclean out of the process…thank the Lord for warm weather then and we dried and aired LOTS outside. God was good to us!!! We got home to hear the fire alarms shrieking! Wendell went to the stove and I passed through every room throwing open the windows!! He nor I suffered any smoke after effects!

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