Reel Fishy Guests ⛄️🎣🎣

I’d rather be fishing

Most of the time

Morning or evening

Rain or shine

Just show me the tackle

Give me some bait

Let me go fishing

The rest can wait

I’ll catch ‘em

And clean ‘em

I’ll cook ‘em up fast

But once we start eating

They surely won’t last

I’d rather be fishing

Wouldn’t you know

Morning or evening

Rain or snow

-Author Unknown

Bonus Pics:

This snowy weekend was such much fun. Quality time with these little men is always a highlight:

Sweet Baby A
The twins and their beloved ladybug tent

The only downside to my beautiful weekend: my Ben friend spent many snowy hours out making travel possible for the rest of the world… thankful for him and his comrades who do a great job at clearing the roads ❤️

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