March Madness and the Winner of the Giveaway

To our friends scattered to and fro:

The last few weeks have gone past in a whirlwind. If there’s one pic that describes me while my mom was on vacation it’s this:

I love the chance to be Aunt Ken and babysit my little buddies.

In other news-my Ben friend save the day again.

I thought I could save money by varnishing the rough plywood in the upstairs at the cabin. Terrible idea. I worked and stressed and slaved and never felt like it was clean. So now we have laminate flooring and all is peace in the neighborhood.

The other huge deal from this past week involves my Ben friend again:

We have a new neighbor. It just so happens that it’s the poultry farm less than a mile from us 😉 I’m so excited for Ben and just so thankful for the ways that God has provided.

This opportunity has truly been the Hand of God. Maybe I’ll tell you about it sometime. But for now-I’ll just testify that Gods timing is perfect. All praise to the One “who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think”.

I don’t know what door you find yourself waiting in front of, but I encourage you to take heart. God will provide in a beautiful way when the time is right.

Trust Him,


Bonus Pic:

The Giveaway was so much fun. I loved reading all your comments. Julie Horst is the winner and I’ll be sending a copy of “The Covid Cow” her way. Thank you all who entered.

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