Em’s Italian Melts #TabletoField

Spring harvest is in full swing around here.

📸 credit: the merger guy

As always with the harvest crew-the number one discussion is food. Usually it starts about 10 am at the latest and snippets about the chuckwagon dot the conversation until that saint is spotted heading for the field.

With our crew-meals are always provided. A number of our farmer wives send food out (bless y’all). In fact-way back in the day I wrote a blog about how much a sandwich reflects the personality of the sandwich artist. (Find that here)

My mom and sisters cover whenever the farm we are working isn’t “meals included”. And they’ve gotten extremely creative. (I know,I’m spoiled)

Today’s helpers. Once they outgrow the bottles they might take my job ❤️

Today Em’s errand of mercy included feeding the crew. The Farmer’s wife was down with Covid, so we cut a wide berth around their house and blessed Em for filling in the gap 🙂 The sandwiches she made were a real treat ❤️

Em and Deb came up with the idea of running a #tabletofield series. I’m pretty sure they were joking, but I thought it sounded like a great idea. I honestly have no clue what it’s going to look like, but if it includes more delicious food-I’m game.

Packed lunches can really get in a rut. And although you might not find yourself needing to get 8 lunches out the door before the crew starves, we all find ourselves needing an occasional “on the go” option.

Em’s Italian Melt

10 Hoagie rolls
1 lb smoked Turkey breast thin sliced
1 lb ham
1 package sandwich pepperoni
Sliced Colby cheese
Spread Mayo on hoagies
Layer meats and add cheese
grill (or broil) until cheese melts

Add lettuce tomato and onion (sauté onions in butter with a dash of brown sugar)

Drizzle thin layer of Italian dressing over veggies

Wrap in plastic wrap for easy eating.

Stay tuned for more details on #tabletofield courtesy of “my mom and ‘em.”


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