Final Call for Rolo Adrianna Rohrer 🐾 RIP Little Girl

Well folks, it’s me again, Detroit the main farm manager. And I have terrible sad news to break to you. Devastating. I’d rather fight off coyotes and a complete battery of strange vehicles, than to be at this point of my career. But here goes:

It was in the spring of the year when hearts bleed.

I never knew what a bleeding heart actually felt like. I mean they always grow at the corner of the house and the Mother Precious ( MP for short) around here always hollers if we smash them… Which they actually make a pretty comfy mattress but anyway where was I? Oh yes the heart bleed. Now I know what a bleeding heart feels like.

Our little Rolo girl crossed the rainbow bridge this morn.

Rolo has been my faithful brown eared little assistant for lots of years now-so many years I’ve lost count of how many. And I knew she wasn’t feeling great but none of us were prepared for the reality of what took place today. Recently when we would run surveillance around the farm she would complain about her old bones. But I guess I kinda had so many things on my mind that I tuned out how bad she was feeling. I am so glad that she’s not in pain anymore.

She was my best friend. And a fearless defender of our operation and it’s people. She would never back down no matter how big the groundhog was or how ferociously the coon would scratch or how scary the piece of plastic appeared. (She’d bark relentlessly)

She was faithful to come out no matter how late Kendra got off work and meet her at her vehicle and lick her which caused Kendra to growl (I guess she must not feel like being licked after a full day of work) *side note: Kendra feels bad about that now… But I told her at least she wasn’t like that Old Testament War General who vowed to sacrifice whatever met them when they returned from battle . I don’t know who he was expecting to come celebrate their return but it was his only daughter. Bad day. So while Kendra was a little grouchy at least she never sacrificed us. But anyhow Rolo loved truly even when she wasn’t always appreciated in return.

She was tough as nails, but she had a gentler more poetic side. Her most famous piece is found Here.

Thanks for everything, old pal. Rolo Adriana Rohrer we will miss you. This is your final call. Marked out of service April 29, 2021.

My deepest sympathy goes to Deb and the rest of the family.

With a bleeding heart,

The farm manager and the only remaining member of the security division,

Detroit Snappenbarker Mendoza

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