Boone’s First Day of School 🐶 #Dogtales

Dear Reader- by way of clarification: There’s a new kid in town! Em’s dog Riv had a litter of pups and the Ben friend ended up with Boone and the Kennell’s adopted Ricochet. They are the most adorable yellow blurs of energy you’ve ever seen. But that’s enough of a spoiler alert. Until next time~KH

Dear Diary,

Today was the bestest day everrrrrr.

Dad got up early and opened my pen and told me to be a good boy as he headed out for a big day of trucking.

I did the usual-went out and peeled around the yard, watched the clouds float by, sniffed a few fence posts and then started in on my morning nap routine.

That was interrupted by Riv and Ricochet rocketing in the lane barking commands at Aunt Ken and her pickup to “go faster, go faster”

Before I knew it, I was loaded and heading for my very first day of school.

Me, looking all scholarly and stuff

I didn’t know what to expect, but when you go visit family-you’re going to see people you’re related to. So wouldn’t going to visit school mean seeing students?

Well I sure saw piles of them. They had taken over the entire pond and were fishing away. Occasionally Mr Kennell would have to go help with getting a fish off the line-so I’d go too. As fast as my little legs could take me.

We played some really cool games like a scavenger hunt where you needed to bring something soft, something rough, a piece of bark, a ladybug… (wait how many times have I heard-“stop buggin the lady!” Wouldn’t that make me a lady-bug?!) C’mon team- here I am-the answer to everything you’re looking for- just carry me to the finish line..

They played a 3 legged race thing that we dogs thought was really insensitive . Especially Detroit because he walks on 3 legs most of the time since his toe injury. But they hooted and laughed and hopped along- so I guess it was great fun.

We ate good food (well they did and we dogs were left to sniff out whatever we could find ). Way to soon it was time to go home.

I really liked that school thing.

Detroit says now that I’m educated, maybe I should consider helping with the reports from ranch security. But I don’t know, I think I’m better at this classroom stuff like giving out fishing instructions.

Yours until the cows come home, (without us having to give them a strong piece of bark)

Master Boone Rohrer M.D. [Main Dog]

Bonus Pics:

The twins came to watch the festivities with Alexander. They all agree that if school is hot dogs and fishing- count them in too.

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