Papa’s Fan Club

The twins are very communicative these days. And even tho they sometimes fall under the “when necessary use words” camp-there’s usually no question what their agenda is and how they need you to help them achieve it.

Isaiah is definitely the more verbal of the two. And he has a one track mind.

We’re riding along on the side-by-side, the sun is shining and the dog is barking. Isaiah leans his little blonde head against me and all is well in the world. “I bet he’s enjoying this” I hug my little buddy a little closer.
He looks up with big blue eyes searching my face.
“Papa’s out working” I tell him

Blueberries are the fruit of choice these days and the boys can them by the fistfuls. “Wow, Juls going to need to plant a bigger garden at the rate these boys are eating” I deliver another shipment of blueberries to the high chair cafeteria. Isaiah looks at me with blueberries smeared from ear to ear. He cocks his head at the noise of a faint motor passing by the house.
“Papa’s coming in a little” I tell him

We visit the swing set and because it’s a huge decision when you’re 18 months old to decide whether to go down the slide first or try out the swings-we start on one side and work our way over trying everything. My little buddy disappears into a piece of pipe and pops out of the other side laughing. “Peek-a-boo” I shout while thinking “ah carefree childhood” but Isaiah has something else on his mind.
“Papa will be home soon” I tell him.

And so that’s how our time is usually spent. We talk about puppies and tractors and “pretty pretty pretty” flowers. We dream of ducks and pizza and Mama and snuggy bear, But somehow Papa is at the forefront of every apparent thought.

📸: Julia

I’m challenged by my little nephew’s unwavering devotion. Do I stop in the middle of the most exhilarating adventure to long for the presence of my Heavenly Father? Or in the middle of my favorite snack? Or in the middle of every single part of the day to day no matter how busy I am-to constantly direct my thoughts towards Jesus?

Today I took my 92 year old Grandma to her church and the words from this song took my thoughts down the same line.

Little Black Songbook (because I don’t know it’s actually name) Song 180: (side note- this songbook has no notes-only printed words-so the song leader can pick whichever tune he prefers to go with the verses):

Dispensing good where’re he came
The labors of his life were love
Oh if we love the Saviors name
Let his divine example move

But ah! how blind! how weak we are
How frail! How apt to turn aside
Lord, we depend upon Thy Care
And ask Thy Spirit for our guide

Thy fair example may we trace
To teach us what we ought to be
Make us, by Thy transforming grace,
Dear Savior, daily more like Thee

Jesus, all for Jesus



Bonus Pics:

The American Trucker Historical Society came to town recently. There was such a wide range in the 1000 trucks at the show 😅 My Ben Friend took me and we only saw a fraction of them during the several hours that we baked in that summer sun.

The winners between the most unique thing at the show were a tie between this decked out rocking chair …

… And this… (Ben thought this was hilarious and so accurate. I’ll just leave it here)

And lastly. I may have started a new obsession. It goes by different names. I called it a “s’more charcuterie board” Jul thought it was a “S’MORgasbord” and the Ben Friend said “what’s a Chattahoochee board?”

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