Yay for Summer

Nothing calls for a swim party like a week of 90° F with no rain and lots of blue sky.

Nothing calls for a swim party to be on pins and needles like a red head daredevil who walks of the edge of the pool with full confidence that someone is gonna be paying attention and catching him.

But nothing beats that big grin that follows a tremendous splash from said twin entering the water.

“Yay for summer!” I said and I think Uriah agrees with me.

The twins turned 18 months and in effort to dig them out from under the celebrations of Christmas-Mama threw them a “half birthday party”. Who doesn’t need an excuse to eat cake and homemade black raspberry ice cream in June? Yay for summer!

Stuart’s Draft, VA

Wheat harvest went past in a blur. Father thinks we set a new record. But the rain held off until we were seeding the last field and we are excited to focus on other things.

Such a gorgeous time of year. Need I say it again? Yay for summer

I’ve been on the road some this last month which feels really, really good. We took a ferry to Put-in-Bay, OH and enjoyed a day there.

Ohio is beautiful this time of year… yay for my favorite season.

I enjoyed the Clinic for Special Children Benefit Auction in Shippensburg. The steam engine cranking out steamed shrimp is always a favorite. Also I was reminded on this trip that AC is very necessary this time of year. Thankful to back in business again with a cool van. But still-Yay for summer.

God is good. He is faithful in every season. I’m so grateful for the way I can see His Hand providing this year. Praise Him.

Yay for summer!


Bonus Pic:

Did you actually think I could go an entire post without talking about Pondside Paradise? 😂 Apparently we hosted an artist at our Airbnb. Totally amazed by the detail in this sketch.

And because I feel the need to say it once more: Yay for summer!

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