My Soul longs for you as a parched land. Selah

Selah may indicate a break in the song whose purpose is similar to that of amen (Hebrew: “so be it”) in that it stresses the truth and importance of the preceding passage… -Wikipedia

“Dry times weather wise are often dry times spiritually”

The wisdom of my friend keeps rolling around through my brain.

Psalm 143:6
I stretch out my hands to You; My soul longs for You, as a parched land. Selah.

I’ve felt this in every way this summer. Dry dry times.

I’ve had times of urgent prayer when God remains silent, but this summer was different somehow.

I tried to remain thankful for the “beautiful drying weather” but as the moisture sucked out of the ground and the crops turned a critical blue-my soul echoed their desperate cry.

📸 credit: Sherman

But there was still beauty to be found in the Valley. And my heart echoed that too.

Definitely the highlight of the summer was the fact that Deb and Sweet Baby A joined us for vacation.

I use the term “vacation” loosely because if you’ve ever tried to pack 7 adults and 3 babies into a 3 bedroom condo along with the uninvited guests Headcold and Croup-you understand that there’s not but so much resting and relaxation involved…

But we did have an incredible time. Family is such a blessing.


Also the rains started while we were away. Praise the Lord 😭 We tried not to haunt the radar, but we couldn’t help ourselves. Em kept us updated by watching the rain gush off the roof past her security cameras. Thank you Jesus.

And before we knew it, we were back home in the Valley- asking God to bless another harvest.

Great is the Lord
He is holy and just
By His power we trust
In His love
Great is the Lord
He is faithful and true
By His mercy He proves
He is love

May you find Him faithful-even in the dry seasons,


Bonus Pics:

Recent travels took me to Norfolk on a boat tour- exploring the Elizabeth River around the Naval Base. Very educational. If you’re down that way and have 2 extra hours- definitely look up Victory Rover Naval Base Cruises

How we all feel about summertime watermelon parties and family time.

And finally-I’m sorry to keep going back to the drought… but this is the type of feed we’ve found. I’m so curious to see how these late rains will improve the situation.

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