Never say Never

Today as I stumbled along happily in my 6th chicken house for the day (2 houses 2 times with Em, 2 houses 1 time with Ben) I suddenly burst out laughing:

You know how it always goes whenever your child says “I will never marry a guy that blah blah blah” and you smile and say “never say never” That was me and my confidant loud mouth saying I’d never ever be in a relationship with a chicken farmer. 😂

In the not too distant past I distinctly remember commenting on chicken farming. “I couldn’t do it. They smell horrible, they’re mean. I’m scared to death of them. I know they say ‘never say never’ but this is me saying ‘never. I will never be a chicken farmer’.”

Paramount Poultry ready for market

And then probably in the next breath: “I honestly am not sure I could clean for a living. I really really don’t enjoy cleaning houses.”

So here I am- happily committed to helping Ben or Em whenever they need another set of hands. And in between that I’m cleaning my Airbnb over and over again- and I’m loving it.

So if you’d ask me what my least favorite occupation would be- I’d say… Oh no you can’t catch me there- I wouldn’t say anything 😂

Admittedly as good as these two unforeseen twists in my life story are treating me- I’m super thankful that “never ever” means eventually in my case.

“Where God Guides, He provides.” Praise Him.


Bonus Pic:

I love our Shenandoah Valley ❤️

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