Introducing a Writing Contest 🥕🐰

Usually I think I know my family pretty well, but occasionally they’ll show up with a complete new set of skills and totally amaze me.

Apparently Nathan is a writer. Back in his school teaching days he got inspired by a bulletin board and sat down a started an incredible tale.

The only problem is that the ending of the tale remains untold.

So with his permission I’m hosting a writing contest:

Finish the story.

There will be participation prizes as well as a grand prize.

Depending on how many endings I get- I’ll post a few of them here. (So by entering you’re agreeing to me sharing your work)

Please email your entries to by Sept 25

And now I present :

Don’t Judge a Carrot by its Top
Wilbert Story who was in his garden working on this beautiful May morning straightened up and wiped his forehead with the back of his paw.
“It’s a hot one today” he said to himself.
Wilbert was an old rabbit who had no family and lived by himself. He was a kind little bunny and loved helping others whenever he got a chance. Wilbert also really loved gardening and when he wasn’t working with a neighbor or down at the country store chatting with the other grey-haired rabbits, he was in his garden tending to his plants putting love and care into each plant that he had. To look at his garden you would have thought that it was in the care of at least 3 or 4 different rabbits as clean and well treated as everything was but it was just old Wilbert and his handy hoe and watering can.
Just down the road was another family of rabbits, the Caringtons, they were a nice family but Bobby, the oldest of the children, had a bit of a mean streak and loved pushing his weight around and picked on the other young rabbits at school. He thought that he had a good grasp on life and knew the best on about every subject, especially gardening! And on this beautiful summer morning in Cottontail Cove, New Jersey he was ambling down the road with nothing much to do being as it was some rabbit holiday…. he wasn’t even sure what…. but he was happy to be out of school and free to roam about town looking for mischief to get himself into. It was on this walk that he passed in front of Mr. Story’s house and saw the old hare out working in his garden.
“That old fool lives in his garden more than his house” he said under his breath as he drew closer to Mr. Story’s driveway. “What does he do in there all day anyway?” he thought. “If you do stuff right you only have to spend about 5 minutes a day in the dirt to keep your garden going good, I better go tell him that he clearly is wasting his time and explain to him how to really manage a garden” he said as he quickly turned in the drive and headed for Wilbert’s garden.
Wilbert was just finishing hoeing the weeds on the last row of his garden when Bobby sauntered up.
“Good Morning Mr. Carington” Wilbert called as he looked up and seen the young rabbit coming toward him.
“Yes, it is” answered Bobby, “not that you would know. You got your nose buried in this here garden, I’m surprised you even know if its Monday or Tuesday.”
Wilbert smiled; he knew how Bobby was but didn’t let it bother him. “Well, I see your point Mr. Carington, but I do happen to know it’s actually Thursday” he replied, “Speaking of which, why are you not in school young man? Skipping out to come help the elderly? How kind of you!”
“HA” Bobby sneered, “Like I would waste my time helping you with your garden when you clearly spend way too much time working in it already! And as far as school, we have off because of some old holiday.”
“Ah yes!” exclaimed Wilbert, “Its Carrot Planting Day. I almost forgot!! The best day all year, except for the day when you pull them up! My stomach is growling just thinking about it! How is it that you don’t know what day it is today with it being such a special day?” questioned Mr. Story.
“What do I care about Carrot Planting Day?” snarled Bobby, “Anybody can grow a dumb old carrot, I just let everyone else do the work then I go get them from the store, saves me time so I can come tell you gardeners what you’re doing wrong with your gardens.”
“I see” replied Mr. Story.
“Well, if you know how to do it so well then tell me, what am I doing wrong?” questioned Wilbert.
“Easy” said Bobby, “You spend way too much time in here, if you’re not careful you will smother everything. All you need is about 5 minutes a day to pick the weeds quick and throw a little water over everything and let mother nature do her thing!
“Wow” replied Wilbert,
“I never realized it was so easy to garden, here I have been wasting my time and doing it wrong all these years! I’m so glad you took the time out of your busy day to come tell me this Mr. Carington!” laughed Wilbert.
“Don’t believe me, do you?” boasted Bobby, “I could grow as good a carrot or anything else for that matter as you can!!”
“Hmmm, that gives me an idea” Wilbert said, “Since its Carrot Planting Day and all why don’t we have a little contest. We will each plant one carrot and take care of it how we want and two and a half months from now we will dig them up and see whose is best.”
“I’m not doing that!” retorted Bobby. “I don’t have a garden to grow it in and besides I don’t want to make a fool of such an old rabbit as you.”
“O stop making excuses Bobby. You can plant your carrot here on this one side of my garden, I wasn’t going to use it anyway.” replied Mr. Story, “And don’t you worry about making me look bad, it wouldn’t be the first and probably won’t be the last. But if your worried about losing I can understand that.” he teased.
“Ha!” laughed Bobby who was all too arrogant to admit he was ever worried about losing. “I could beat you without even breaking a sweat!” he boasted.
“Ok then, it’s agreed we will each plant one carrot and pull it up on, let’s see, what’s today the 10th of May, ok we will pull them up on July 22nd. That’s 73 days, perfect for carrots.” said Mr. Story.
“Fine’ growled Bobby, ‘but don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

?? And so what happens??

Can’t wait to find out 🙂


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