Writing Contest: Honorable Mentions 🐰🥕

The fact of the matter is-I just received 9 winning endings to my/Nate’s rabbit tale. I volleyed between laughing and waxing introspective as the entries arrived. I read them aloud to my mom and we were both delighted at the creative genius that these displayed.
There is so much strong writing in these entries- good conversation, beautiful details, etc. I loved how often the plot twisted from what I assumed would be next.
Thanks to all who entered-keep writing, friends, there are so many stories yet to be told.

Pretty sure I’m hungry for carrots today,


Favorite scenes from the Adult Entries:

…By June, Bobby’s plant had a beautiful green leafy top. Mr. Story’s was a little spindly. Bobby was pleased. By July, Bobby’s plant was taller than him. Mr. Story’s plant was tall but not very leafy. Bobby thought he had the contest in the bag. The night before the harvest day, he lay in bed with a smile on his face. When he got his picture in the paper, maybe Honey Bunny, a pretty brown haired rabbit, would agree to go on a date with him. He closed his eyes and fell asleep, dreaming of sharing a large slice of carrot cake from Lady Annie’s Sweet Shoppe with Honey Bunny. 😉
The next day, he fairly leaped out of bed. He went to his closet and grabbed his best bow tie. He washed up and combed his fur till he looked quite dapper. He skipped to Mr. Story’s garden, whistling a tune as he went. When he got there, a crowd was waiting outside the fence. The newspaper reporter and photographer were setting up their equipment. Bobby’s eyes were wide as he took it all in. At 10 am, the crowd was buzzing with excitement. Bobby stood beside his plant, beaming. Mr. Story stood beside his plant and the photographer snapped a photo or two. Mr. Story cleared his throat and the crowd became silent. “As you all know, Mr. Carington and I decided to do a little carrot growing competition. Count down from 10 and we will pull our carrots,” he directed the crowd. Bobby wrapped his paws around his leafy plant and Mr. Story did the same with his plant. The crowd counted down. “….eight, seven…..three, two, one!” The two rabbits yanked at their plants as the crowd cheered. Suddenly, there was a collective gasp. Bobby looked at his carrot. It was a bigger than average carrot. He looked over at Mr. Story’s and his jaw dropped. Mr. Story’s carrot was huge! “How?! But, I… There’s no way!” Bobby sputtered. The reporter rushed to Mr. Story with questions while the photographer snapped pictures. Everyone wanted to know how he had grown such a large carrot. Bobby stood off by himself, holding his carrot. He was disappointed…. -Annie G

…Out popped a little and skinny carrot. It was only a quarter size of Wilberts and looked so pathetic compared to his! Bobby felt tears welling up in his eyes, and his throat choked up. He didn’t dare look at Mr. Story! Mr. Story gently laid his paw on his shoulder, and softly said, “It’s OK, Bobby, this was just for fun. But I do believe there is a lesson we can learn from this carrots. They are a lot like us. No matter how good, beautiful, and polished we look on the outside, what really matters is how we look on the inside. 1 Samuel 16:7 says, “For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” Bobby, it didn’t matter how lush green and beautiful your carrot looked on the outside, what mattered most was how the fruit looked on the inside. And so that is with us.” Bobby didn’t run quickly home that day, instead he hopped along slowly and humbly. The little carrot in his hand had taught him a life long lesson, and he was furever changed after that day. Mr. Story had done more than planting seeds in his garden that year. He had sown seeds in Bobby’s life and had seen God grow and blossom Bobby from being mean and arrogant to being meek and kind. He had planted…but God has given the increase. 1 Corinthians 3:6. -Laura Z

….Wilbert nodded. “I’ve known you for a long time, Bobby Carington, and I’m just going to be quite honest and say that all these years, I’ve known you—although I’ve never really known you that well—you seemed to be a rabbit with a mean side. You liked to prove that you were the best and that you had all the answers. I’ve seen you picking on your siblings in quite a disgraceful manner. To me, you approached the world with a know-it-all, I-don’t-care attitude.”
By this time, Bobby’s ears were drooping so low they almost reached his knees. He had lowered his eyes to the ground, and his furry cheeks had turned noticeably red.
“But these last several weeks, I learned I can’t judge a ‘carrot’ by its ‘top’,” Wilbert went on. “I saw a side of you that I never have before. I saw you get excited over your plant and treat it with the greatest of care. I saw you get excited about your school work and learning. And then today, simply admitting you were wrong was something I never expected you to do. When I dug a little deeper into trying to be your friend, I found a ripe, healthy carrot underneath; unlike the top I had seen.” Wilbert smiled at Bobby’s apparent discomfort of being talked about. Wilbert went on. “When we rabbits go to eat our carrots, we normally cut off the leaves and throw them away if they’re bad. We use our knives and cut out any bad spots. I encourage you to cut off your ugly ‘top’ and let the rest of the world see your bright orange, healthy ‘carrot’ underneath that I have had the privilege to uncover. Does that sound like a deal?” Wilbert’s eyes twinkled.
For the first time in several minutes, Bobby lifted his eyes to look at Wilbert. He still looked a little uncomfortable, but the red had gone out of his cheeks, and his ears had perked up several inches. “Yes, Mr. Wilbert. It does,” he said resolutely. “And whenever I’m tempted to go out behind the house in the slop to search for my carrot top, I’ll remember this contest.”
Wilbert’s old, wrinkled face creased into a smile. “I’m proud of you, Bobby. I love digging up a harvest of carrots, but there nothing as satisfying as unearthing carrots like this!” He looked down at the two carrots in his paws. “Now Bobby, here’s your carrot that you most certainly earned. You take this one home and use it to make a delicious stew. This one,” he looked down at his own carrot in the other paw, “I want you to take home as well. Keep it in a safe place to remember this lesson you’ve learned.” He patted Bobby on the shoulder…. -Sonia H

Favorite scenes from the Youth’s Entries:

…Look at my carrot, he thought, so tall and strong compared to Wilbert’s short scraggly one. Wilbert hopped out of his house, shovel in hand. “Lets dig them up,” said Wilbert. “Alright,” replied Bobby, “but I want to dig up my carrot myself.” “Fine with me,” said Wilbert, “you first. “Alright,” sneered Bobby, “be prepared to lose”. Wilbert just smiled as Bobby dug up his carrot. “What?” He shouts, “it’s puny. How is this possible? I took care of it perfectly!” “Well, YOU probably won’t have a carrot, Wilbert,” said Bobby. Wilbert just smiled and started digging up his carrot. Finally he pulled it out. “What?” Bobby exclaimed, “your carrot is as tall as you!” “How is that possible?” “Pride goes before the fall,” Wilbert said, “you were so prideful, and full of yourself you never considered the possibility you could be wrong about farming.” “Well, I hope you’ve learned your lesson and you’ll listen to people when they try to teach you” said Wilbert. “I will,” said Bobby, “and I’ll start now by saying sorry to you for being rude.” After that lesson, Bobby became a Christian, and started being a role model to all the little rabbits at school. -Jazara Z

…“Okay, let’s see. Mine is, umm, twenty-six and one-eighth inches tall. Hmm, yours is nine and seven- eighths inches tall.”
“Wow! Very different. Come on, let’s harvest our carrots.” Mr. Story said. “Ready? Okay. Who do you want to go first?”
“You can,” Bobby replied. “I can’t wait to see my giant though!”
“Okay,” Mr. Story answered. He pulled his carrot top as hard as he could, but it wouldn’t budge!
“Don’t be silly , Mr. Story! Pull up that ole carrot!” Bobby exclaimed.
“It won’t budge Bobby!” Mr. Story exclaimed. “Try it!”
“Ha!” Bobby thought to himself, “he’s just weak.” Bobby pulled, but the carrot didn’t move. It was stuck!
Mr. Story trudged to his shed and got out his shovel. Together Bobby and Mr. Story dug it up. The carrot was huge!
“Well if Mr. Story’s carrot is that big with a little top, my carrot will be almost threee times as big!” Bobby smiled.
Bobby gave his carrot a tug and up it popped.
“What?!” Bobby gasped. “It’s so little!”
“Yeah, I guess I won Bobby! Mr. Story replied.
“I guess I’m going home”, Bobby said sarcastically. “Bye.”
“Bye Bobby, have a great day.” Mr. Story skipped joyfully to he shed, got his wheelbarrow, and loaded his carrot up. Then he took it to his cellar, as happy as ever.
So the moral of this story is: Never judge someone by there outward appearance. You never know what is on the inside. Also don’t be like Bobby, and think you are better than anyone else, because you aren’t. -Heather H

…Bobby scampered down the road. He tried to think of a way he could win. Suddenly, a
wicked plan came to mind- one week before the 22nd, he would go to town and buy a gallon of Killer, a spray that killed anything, including carrots! He then would sneak out after dark and drain the whole gallon on Wilbert’s carrot!!
Finally it was one week before the 22nd, the day they would pull up their carrots and find the winner. ( hopefully HIM if his plan would work!) Thursday, July15 was a wet, rainy, and chilly day, only the beginning of the rainy season. Bobby was confined in the house and rather bored. He slipped outside and out onto the road. Bobby had enough money for the spray and slipped it into his pocket. He couldn’t see very well because of the heavy curtains of pounding rain. Bobby tripped and stumbled into the direction he thought was town, but instead towards Mr. Story’s place. He was going on the wrong side of the road and didn’t see or hear the wagon until it was almost on top of him! Bobby tried to get out of the way, but was too late. The wagon caught his hind foot and crushed it. He screamed and
then everything went black. Bobby felt himself falling and then somebody was calling his name. He moaned and then fell into a deep, deep sleep. Wilbert was enjoying a bowl of hearty carrot soup when all of a sudden, a scream came right outside his cottage! He jumped up and ran outside to see what was the matter. He saw a toppled form in the middle of the road. Wilbert could barely believe what he saw: It was Bobby with a mangled right foot! He was moaning something about Killer.
Mr. Story picked up Bobby and ran to the Carington’s since Bobby’s mother was a retired nurse. He then quickly told Mr. Carington what had happen before leaving to go get the doctor. The doctor came, set the mangled foot in a cast, and gave Bobby some pain killer.
When Bobby woke up, the doctor had left, but Wilbert was still there. “Where am I and why does my foot hurt so badly?” asked Bobby. “You were in an accident with a wagon.” replied Mrs. Carington. “If it hadn’t been for Wilbert, you would still be out there. “Wilbert? I needed Kil-”
Bobby tried to say, but sleep overtook him first. He slept until the next morning and when he awoke, Wilbert was standing next to his bed. “Good-morning, I came here to tell you that I’ll take care of your carrot until you feel like you can.”
“Thank you very much” said Bobby
“Hurry up and get better so we pull those carrots” teased Wilbert as he walked out the
door…- Deborah M

…On the 9th day, when Wilbert went out to tend his garden, he saw a green sprig out yonder. He ran as fast as his old legs could carry him. “What a beauty!” he exclaimed. He saw Bobby whistling up the lane.
“Well stuff me with feathers and call me a chicken” Bobby said when he saw the carrot sprouts “I aint done no tendin’ to mine and it looks better than yours” he sneered “Well that proves it’s self true, I don’t have to touch mine at all. Have fun breakin’ your back over a silly ole carrot. No point in tryin’, I’m already winning and I’m going to win. So there.” he said to himself as he trotted off… -Brenna C

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