December Daze

To our friends scattered to and fro,

December has passed in a daze. It’s crazy how the tragedy in my dad’s family took the air from our sails. I have never had such a lethargic Christmas.

Uncle and Auntie’s funeral was very nice. We sang the same song that we’d sung for my grandparents funeral- Granddaddy’s in ‘04, Grandmother’s in ‘13. Because of the number of prayers on our behalf, we held it together until the end. Video of this song is Here. Thanks Sherm


Thinking back over December- there are a few things that I was working on posting, but suddenly everything switched gears and fell off the wagon. But because I refer to my “on line journal” from time to time- I wanted to still mention them.

1. Deborah and Nate

We enjoyed an incredible 10 day visit from our southern family. It was an amazing whirlwind.

We Care Thrift Stores received an estates collection of books. Over 1,000 books, so Nate and Deb boxed them up and set up a pop up book shop in the basement of Country Oasis Airbnb.

It ended up being a perfect opportunity for them to cross paths with friends they hadn’t seen in awhile, while promoting some new reading material and supporting a good cause!

Another highlight of December- remember my famous Amazon purchase? The Bargain Blades?

2. Funky’s Skatetown

Em got the big idea to surprise me for my birthday and rented the local rollerblade rink and invite a bunch of my friends.

I had a blast. Especially when the twins refused to ride in the wheelchair alone and requested that “Kennnnn” sit with them. No idea why Em kept muttering about this arrangement 😝

Definitely one of the books. Thanks to everyone who dusted off their rollerblades for the occasion!

It was extra special that Deb, Nate and Zanderman were around for the festivities ❤️

3. And lastly, in honor of turning 2, the Aunts invited the twins to the cabin for a sleepover.

No tears were shed and some sleep was had by all- what more can you wish for? 🥰

We all thought our breakfast guests were pretty cool too ❤️ Good times.

And thus brings us to 2022 with a trip to Lancaster which included a tour of the possibly the largest private collection of mounted big game animals around 😅

It was truly incredible. I had to tell the owner my dad’s favorite mounted animal joke:

“A man was sitting in his game room, surrounded by mounts, wearing his lucky safari hat, regaling guests with stories of his hunts, when his stories where interrupted by his wife hollering from the kitchen

“Honey, the zoo just called and they had another animal die and they wondered if you want it?!”


And now I’m off in this balmy 1° morning to check in with my favorite chicken farmer

Excited to see how God will provide for all of us in 2022.

Let’s make this year count,


5 thoughts on “December Daze

  1. Sorry to hear of your loss. Our sympathy to your family.

    I’m only gathering from what you mentioned above…so don’t know what happened, but understand the “daze”.

    My parents were in an accident on Nov. 9. On Nov 11 my father passed away from his injuries.

    Nov 30th my brother in law came down with Covid. He passed away on Dec 20th. Age 37.

    Our family never did manage to get together for either holiday…yet. hope to soon. We’re just “shot”.

    My mother is living with us since Dec 22 when she needed an ER visit because of her blood pressure being at stroke level. She’s battling with that & anxiety. Just too much trauma.

    Wishing you strength for the days ahead.


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    • Oh wow- bless you! That sounds super stressful… my uncle and aunt were killed in a car accident mid December. It seems surreal. I’m sure you’re dealing with those feelings, multiplied. I said a prayer for you this evening that God will give you grace, strength and peace for the days to come.

  2. Greetings
    Thank you so much with sharing that song on here. I did not go to the funeral,even through I would have liked to. I was not feeling the best and felt it would be full. My sympathy to all your family.
    I do enjoy reading your posts Thanks for shaing. Ellen Horst

  3. Have loved Lights of Home song for years…blessed my heart to hear it again tonite!…loved the animal mount joke just about as much! 😃🙃😉🤣

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