Let it Go

Things have been pretty quiet on here.

January sailed past in a whirlwind of snowstorms and 1099s. I told my family that I thought I looked visibly younger after the last of the books headed to the tax man. Quickbooks makes tax season easier but somehow I always feel super stressed until my dads books (and mine too although they aren’t nearly as complex) are filed.

The twins continue to keep us in stitches. I’ve upgraded to “Aunt Kennnnnnnnn” and I’m pretty sure I’d give them up to half the kingdom if they’d ask for it. It is incredible how their vocabulary is increasing.

Alexander’s phone calls/videos are absolutely precious. He’s really nailing a variety of animal noises. He calls me “DaDa” tho and will not be receiving half of the kingdom on that premises jk😂 Can’t wait to see him again!

First beach siting- thankfully it warmed up after this

Most of the way through January, Em and I saw a slight break in schedule so we dove for it and ended up on Siesta Keys Beach in Florida. It was delicious and very needed.

We stayed in a friends home near Pinecraft and got to experience the joys of Birky Sq, Pinecraft Park, etc. I don’t know where I’ve been- but I honestly had never hung out in Sarasota. I definitely need to remedy this.

Will not admit how many Whoopie Pies we purchased… “It’s for a good cause” 😝😂

Em grilled a mid afternoon snack for us the one day- incredible.

Possibly the most unique experience of the entire trip happened out on the beach:

A bearded man with a bike, bike trailer and a yellow handled shovel was out on the beach working for hours to build “Let it Go” chairs. Judging from the carefully hand written signs he had around, he was obviously pretty committed to the assignment.

But he was happily rushing around encouraging everyone to try out his chairs. “One guy sat here for 2 hours” he said.

I was amazed. “I love you” was written all over place in the sand and one sign read “I love you if no one else does SMILE”

Usually I think of the beach as a happy place. Especially the Florida beach mid winter. But the truth is- we all hurt. We all feel alone. We all need to be reminded that someone cares.

Whether this finds you on the coast carrying something you need to let go, or trying to dig your way thru tax and snow season; I’d like to join my enthusiastic friend on this one.

In a peace and love sort of way, he reminded me of Jesus: Calling all of us to rest, to lay our burdens down, and to trust in His provision for our future. And even though we have no record of Jesus writing “I love you” in the sand- His Heart spoke loud and clear.

In the season of Love, I hope God opens my eyes/gives me the courage to shout out declarations of love to the down and out.

I love you. God loves you. Let it go.


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