News Flash! 👰🏻🤵🏻⛪️❤️

SINGERS GLEN- A local couple has been keeping a secret. The signs have been fairly obvious that things are getting pretty serious with the Glen Oaks Farmer and his neighbor. But no formal announcements were made.

“Honestly, we thought about eloping, said Ben Rohrer “But we really wanted a special service with our family.” So the couple came up with the idea to skip all of the preamble and just head for a local church.

“I love a secret” admitted Kendra Horst “I’m terrible at keeping them typically, but everyone has done amazingly well.”

The couple grew up in the same community and probably got to be friends when Mr Rohrer helped excavate for a new building on the Horst home farm in ‘07, but it’s hard to remember that for sure.

“Father quoted Ben for years. Apparently the first time Ben came back the lane, he climbed off the tractor said ‘Man! This is wayyyy back in the sticks’.” Kendra says with a laugh.

Later found them working together in the custom harvest world. But then something changed several years ago.

“It was God, without Him and His incredible leading, we wouldn’t be here today.” Ben often says.

“Thank you, Jesus.” adds his fiance
Rohrer showed up at a family dinner with dozen red roses the end of December and got down on one knee and asked a very important question.
And talkative Kendra was speechless for only a brief moment.

“Today is honestly a dream. We’re excited to host a celebration reception with our extended family and friends later on, but today it’s just us and a few others. Our families are so supportive and we are so blessed.”

Thank you Jesus!

More pics and info later- but for now my husband and I are off on a little get away 🏝


The New Mr and Mrs Rohrer

7 thoughts on “News Flash! 👰🏻🤵🏻⛪️❤️

  1. Congratulations! I wondered when this would happen but was speechless when I heard it was taking place as a secret. May God Bless Your Marriage!

  2. Oooo congratulations!!! Blessings on the new life as husband & wife. ❤️

    We hope there are lots & Lots of pictures 😀

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  3. I don’t know you at all, but I’ve been watching your blog more carefully the last few months, sure that engagement news had to be forthcoming. I never dreamed of this version, though! Congratulations!

  4. I am another that does not know you but somehow (I can’t remember how) I came upon your blog and have been reading for a few years. I wondered, too, when Ben friend would become Ben “something more” – fiance’ or husband and it has happened! Congratulations to both of you!

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