Well Celebrated

“An old school friend texted me today and wished us a lifelong happiness” Ben announced

“I thought maybe we’d spend part of a month with your wedding, but I was wrong, it’s over a month and still going strong” Jul added

“Cause it’s the wedding that never endsssss” Em’s music joined the comments

And it’s true- we are so blessed and affirmed and just amazed on every corner.

The mailbox houses cards and gifts (I’m so thankful that our chewing maniac of a lab has somehow missed chewing on those deliveries 😅)

I’m also shocked at how many people congratulate and bless us when we meet up. In fact we went to a viewing and the family of the bereaved were so busy extending love and congratulations to us that by the time we made it thru the line, we weren’t sure if the proper thing to say was “I’m sorry for your loss” or “congratulations.” For sure living 97 years with vigor and passing away suddenly is a victory-but congrats doesn’t seem quite appropriate 🙈

Anyhow- when I think about the kindnesses shown to us/me recently, I’m a little overwhelmed and so so grateful. Community is such a blessing.

We hosted a little larger “wedding celebration” the end of March to include a few more of the people who impacted our life. And *sigh* still had people on the invite list when the building was full 🥺

My parents were married at this exact spot in ‘83

Em called this “Wedding 2.0” It was such a fun relaxed evening and although I hated the extra work for our families, the evening was super special

We forgot to get a pic of both Ben and I, but here I am preparing to rush thru the food line 😂

The ladies from church hosted a shower/pantry supply party for us and I’m optimistic that Ben and I will be able to survive in our little house in the Glen. So many generous gifts

And then my sweet friend Rachel hosted a housewarming with more friends and the most beautiful delicious food. Y’all ❤️ my cup runneth over. 😭

So thank you again to all of you who’ve loved us in some form or another over this exciting step.

We are most grateful and blessed,

Kendra for the Rohrers

Bonus Pics:

I’ve been forgetting to update the Showalter news on here 🤩

Our farm has the happiest bunch of spring peepers you’ve ever heard. I’m beyond excited to have actually caught one. What I didn’t realize until living here is that they obviously are temperature sensitive. If it’s too warm or too cold, they are silent, but at the right “spring like” temps, they make our hollow ring

I’m almost done with all the wedding references (I think) but I’m thrilled that some of the pussy willow shoots from our wedding bouquets actually took root! The idea of a visual reminder of the promises we made, has me all 🥰🤩 Now if we can just keep the deer/lab/lawnmower for inhaling them 😬 🤔

And lastly photo proof: I’m happy to report that we have enough boxes unpacked (and thanks to the generous showers, plenty of supplies) We are able to host! Drop by if you get the chance 🙂

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