I scream, You scream, We all scream for… 🍦🍨🍧

A number of very sweet friends and family gifted us with cash over our wedding, and we’ve been very intentional about using it.

Part of it went into a landscaping project around the house. (A “Boone Proof” landscaping project that’s still underway a.k.a. no pictures)

Some of it went into Ben’s “Trump sized fence” around the garden. Other than one very bad Boone who skinnied himself under the fence and destroyed all the mulching I’d done (😭🧐) so far it’s successfully kept the garden free from hungry varmints.

The garden shortly after it’s borders were secured.

But we still had some cash left in the kitty.

“What if we’d buy an ice cream freezer? Everybody loves ice cream.” I had visions of summer evenings at Glen Oaks, friends leisurely savoring homemade ice cream around a campfire…

Ben is not one to stand in the way of homemade ice cream, so I immediately started researching to figure out what the best ice cream maker is and where to buy it.

Apparently the traditional White Mountain Freezers are no more and there’s a new company thats insulated poly tub has everyone raving. “But be prepared to spend $600” cautioned the Bagger.


So I went to PA with a Brinks truck hoping to find a bargain.

But alas, not only did I not find a bargain- I received the sad new that the Immergood shipping container got damaged at sea or something and there was none to be found in the land.

After much research which resulted in many reports (after all it will be half Ben’s investment too), I finally asked my long suffering husband if he was ready for me to panic about something else. (You can guess what he said.)

So I let the quest drop for awhile.

The lovely people of Singers Glen randomly will post “FREE” signs beside whatever junk they want rid of and imagine my delight when yesterday’s discovery was nothing other than a WalMart ice cream freezer still in the box.

I rushed to Mothers and stood with bated breath while we plugged it in. It actually ran! A little rough-but maybe that’s how the lesser brands sound 🤷🏻‍♀️ “Never look a gift horse in the mouth” I reminded me.

We picked black raspberries at my sister-in-laws and so it didn’t take long to throw together a batch of custard, retrieve the ice and salt and stand by for magic. Black Raspberry ice cream.

We filled the canister and added a handful of ice. Aaaaaand:

Long story short, here I am with my freebie motor in pieces, while Mother’s faithful White Mountain takes over the project. 😭

Mine ran for about a half of a second.

There’s probably a lot of wisdom in “never looking a gift horse in the mouth.” But I opened his mouth up wide and unfortunately, I didn’t see any ice cream.

Oh well, y’all can still come visit- but the ice cream’s going to have to come from the store. 😂

Thankful that the gifts our Heavenly Father gives so freely last longer than a half of a second ❤️


Bonus Pics:

“Tell me, and I forget. Teach me, and I may remember. Involve me and I learn.” 💙💙

Aunt Em gave the boys hats for their half birthday. Uriah put his on and headed out. “Where are you going?” Julia asked

“The stock sale” he replied confidently 😂🤠

Our favorite Dr Miller is retiring. He’s been our vet since we started dairying in ‘99. Mother always brought food to the barn on herdcheck day, so it was super special to be included on his last herdcheck lunch. I haven’t been involved with the dairy for 8 years now 🤯 but his patient kindness to us girls as we learned to run a dairy will be long remembered.

And lastly- if you ever want a bunch of animated stories- ask Em about noodling. It’s hard for me to imagine great joy in the art of going underwater to stick your arm into a catfish box; said catfish biting the intruder with all its might and then arm wrestling the fish to the surface long enough to get a measurement and a few pics.

But the way her eyes sparkle when she talks-there must be. And I do looooove her fried catfish poboy sandwiches.

Anyhow, she had a trip lined up, but thru a bunch of random reasons, everyone that was scheduled to go with her couldn’t make it.

So my sweet dad- who doesn’t fish, and doesn’t swim, rose to the challenge and spent most of the day on the water with her and her guide.

And now if you ask him about noodling, his eyes sparkle and his stories are almost as animated as Em’s are ❤️ I love them

9 thoughts on “I scream, You scream, We all scream for… 🍦🍨🍧

  1. Deb gave us a Cuisinart ice cream maker. It only makes 1 1/2 qt. at a time but you need no salt or ice.You keep the container in the freezer and the ice cream is quick and delicious. I still have my old electric one but hardly ever use it.

  2. My friends sell ice cream makers. (Immergood) I messaged her, and this was the reply: website is Homeplace market. If she wanted white mountain…they no longer make those.

    • That’s what I understood as well. I think the Immergood is a really good brand- just hard to find currently and a bit out of our price range 🙂

  3. You should send the picture of your nephews into one of the farming magazines. It is so cute. It reminds me of the one that was popular a while back that showed to boys in overalls and the one was saying to the other “You’ve been farming long?”

  4. Last summer we bought an ice cream maker. It seemed like a lot of money and space when we can just run out and buy a tub, but I don’t regret it. Here’s a link to a blog post that includes a short video of the ice cream maker in action. https://hollydicksonramos.com/labour-day-fun/. You’re no novice – I can tell from your post that you are not like this underexperienced city girl, who’d never tasted homemade ice cream until the day this machine arrived… so maybe you won’t be as wowed by it as I was, but there is really no comparison between the stuff in tubs at the supermarket and the stuff in this silvery machine in my kitchen!!

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