Always Grateful

“I need to plant more green beans” I commented to Mother in early July.

“Actually, just take scissors and chop back the patch that’s done producing” she said “I cut mine at the first joint, and dusted and fertilized it good, and depending on the year, they’ll regrow and yield again.”

So I bravely chopped and chewed thru my greenbean patch. I felt bad. They were my friends. Eagerly I’d watched them grow and we’d collected bountifully off of their first fruits. The canning shelves in the basement spoke loudly of this.

But I hardened my heart and pruned away. Leaving a very sad looking state of affairs in my wake, I moved on to other aspects of my garden.

Last week, as I was doing garden inventory, I noticed my green beans. Closer inspection verified that I was asleep at the wheel, and had almost let my beans get ahead of me.

What a blessing those pruned green beans are! Regardless of the challenging season they experienced, they got right back to producing bountifully.

But the pruning season is hard.

I have not been the most gracious recently. The harvest crew hit the fields without me and my brain thinks I need to be putting the hammerdown, while my body cries for rest and my list of injustices is fairly lengthy.

Until in a God Moment, a friend gave me a “get well” bag of goodies, which contained a little plaque “always grateful.”

Suddenly I’m seeing how short I’ve fallen in the grateful department. Always Grateful? Not really 😬🥺

So I’m looking at life differently: I’m alive. Each day, I’m gaining ground. I’ve got a job with the flexibility to take off until I’m better (bless my husband and family for covering for me and making this possible.) The mailbox full of medical bills means that I received incredible care. We’re part of a sharing group that will help offset those costs. My freezer is full of meals thanks to the most caring community… Blessing upon blessings…

Why was I grouchy, again?

Even Walmart knew I needed a lesson in expressing gratefulness. I ordered a box of 50 thank you cards, and they shipped me 12 boxes by mistake.

Oh God, forgive me for resisting this season of pruning.

There’s so much to be thankful for.


Bonus Pics:

Em put an old canoe in her front flowerbed and it’s something to see!

I saw these pop bottle turtles on line and the boys were very impressed with this surprise. Also 2 year olds attempting to say “turtle” is my new favorite thing 😂❤️

Labor Day weekend brought the best company ❤️

If our family get-togethers could be summed up in one pic… 😂❤️

Miss Maria and Baby Gid… crazy what a 3 month age difference can look like 😂❤️

The 3 musketeers and the bearded uncles… and a snack of carrot sticks and chips leftover from a harvest lunch 😂 quality family time

A short visit, but very very sweet ❤️

2 thoughts on “Always Grateful

  1. I loved this post. Thanks for your honesty. Pruning times and waiting times ARE hard. When I get grumpy, I’ve noticed, like you have, that practicing gratitude can mean the difference between a miserable day (for me and everyone around me) and a good one.

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