No News

My phone rang. The ID announced it was a friend I hadn’t heard from in awhile. “Kendra! How are you? I keep checking your blog, but you haven’t updated.”

It’s true. I’ve been silent for over a month. Basically because there’s not much to say.

“Well at least post and tell us you’re ok!”

Two Sundays ago, our pastor had a last minute change of plans, so the morning service was spent in the Word. Anybody who wanted to could read whatever passage they felt like sharing. Admittedly I cried at the reading of Psalms 103:

2Bless the LORD, my soul, And do not forget any of His benefits;3Who pardons all your guilt, Who heals all your diseases;

A beautiful sunset rainbow reminded me again “God keeps His Promises!”

Anyhow I guess the reality that I’m still waiting on God to touch my body with healing has kept me from posting. There’s not much more to report other than that. My travel calendar has been replaced with doctor appointments and that’s not nearly as fun to write (or read) about. Lol

Recently I went on a radical diet and felt good enough to actually get in on some good Ol living. It’s crazy how quickly things change, so I savored the moments while they lasted. Here’s a few highlights:

I actually got out in the fields for several afternoons. The twins showed up and warmed my heart and filled the cab with their energetic stories. “Aunt Ken! Me riding Unca Ben, jake break ON! BAAAAAA! It hurt my ears!” And they couldn’t wait to head out with the truck again. 😂

We got chickens last week, and I thought I’d surprise the chicken dumping crew with fresh pizza. I accidentally ordered mediums instead of larges. I was feeling really stupid until the manager at Dominoes asked me if I could use more pizza. A large order had just canceled- so at $5/pizza I took them all. 7 pizzas total 🙈 I had great fun farming out pizza the entire lunch hour.

Baby Gideon 💙 Julia curls his hair and he melts my heart.

Another example of heart melt: Julia grew carnations this year and Isaiah came marching up to me with a fistful of these beauties “Parnations!” He announced 🥰

And lastly, Ben left this morning on an Idaho elk hunt and I fixed a “snackle box” for the journey. It needed a punny “hugs and fishes” or “you’re my favorite catch” note with it, but I didn’t want to embarrass him. So I’ll just tell y’all about it lol

Here they are: 1 day and 10 hours of travel ahead of them according to Google Maps. Counting on Ben not being like me with the “no news” month of silence stuff. Safe travels, guys!

To Summarize my thought: It’s hard to “Bless the Lord” when things aren’t going as planned. Admittedly I’m not doing that great at it. I’m convicted about this.

May our hearts be drawn to Bless God this season. He is Able. And He is Enough.


Bonus Pic:

Em was able to go surprise Deb for Alexander’s 2nd birthday. All week long I got pics like this gem. ❤️ Happy Birthday Zanderman!

4 thoughts on “No News

  1. I’m sorry…waiting is hard. God give you grace.
    At the church I attended when I lived in Canada, they had scheduled “Bible Verse Sundays” maybe twice a year where we did basically what it sounds like you did at church. They would usually announce a theme ahead of time (i.e. “peace”) and then everyone would come prepared to share verses on that theme. There was no commentary, just reading of the Word. Everyone participated, from children to the elderly, and it was always so very meaningful to just soak in the words of Scripture. I understand the importance of exposition, but I do miss those occasional Bible Verse Sundays.

  2. Oh Kendra, it hurts my heart to hear of your lack of great health. From others’ journeys, it’s the not-knowing-exactly-what’s-up that seems to be sooooo hard. Praying right now that God will supply all your needs, whatever bumps you have in the journey….

  3. Yesterday I drove my daughter back to campus – a one hour drive into the big city. By the time we got there, my weak heart had had enough and I was in no fit state to drive myself back home again. So I stayed overnight in her dorm room (first time ever). That sweet girl slept on a hard floor, giving me her bed. It was a weird night, with the residence next door having some kind of fire-related crisis at 3 AM and kids going back and forth in the halls at all hours. Unspeakable bathrooms. I woke to darkness and rain and drove back home while my body was cooperating with me. As my husband and I sat at our kitchen table today, a rainbow appeared out back. Rainbows always feel like a promise, don’t they? He is with us. We are not alone.

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