🚜 Never Say Never Part 2 💚💛

I don’t remember the year, (probably around ‘04 or ‘05) but I can take you to the exact field where I was running the combine and the Bagger was running the graincart . Two neighbor guys showed up to ride and get in on the fun. The one guy I’d never seen before, but his brother-in-law was somebody everyone knew. They hung out with the graincart for awhile and then Mr Benjamin Rohrer climbed up in the cab with me.

We small talked about this and that and somehow we started in on the age old debate. Ben hasn’t been an unwavering John Deere man and apparently this fact needed to be voiced. I’m not a mechanic, but I grew up with a strong opinion and deep loyalty for Green paint. And so the friendly banter continued. I’ll never forget what he said. “Well maybe y’all get along good with the bigger John Deere tractors, I don’t have experience with them. But I do have experience with my Dad’s little John Deere and let me tell you- the small John Deere tractors are JUNK!”

And he got on his Agco and sailed off into the sunset.

A year or so ago I wrote a blog about all the bold statements I made about chicken farming.

Never say Never can be found here. I hated/was scared to death of chickens and made some very bold statements about never marrying a chicken farmer/having anything to do with poultry.

Well here we are- I take a break from walking through our beautiful chickens to wave at my husband as he sails past on the farm’s newest addition. He’s grinning from ear to ear.

I bet God smiled when He heard our lighthearted conversation all those years ago, and thought “just you wait”.

I know everyone shakes their heads and says “Never say Never”, but I highly encourage you. In fact I dare you! Say “Never”. In our case, “Never” is working out really, really good.

Isn’t it incredible, how God leads?



Bonus Pics:

People have been so sweet in encouraging me at random times when I really need it. Monday morning, a sweet neighbor dropped off the perfect meal for a rainy day.

And another friend sent me this adorable box from https://heartfeltgiftbox.com/ I’m amazed at the lift their thoughtfulness gave me ❤️ bless you, ladies!

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